Managed IT Services Cincinnati vs. In-House IT Technician

Managed IT Services Cincinnati

What’s Right for Your Cincinnati Business? 

Managed IT Services Cincinnati

When operating a business it is easy to focus on big-picture issues; revenue, profits, leads, and employee relations. The technical side of your business is often overlooked, that is until the Wi-Fi goes down, causing outrage and panic within the office. The truth is, though overlooked, information technology is the heartbeat of your company, especially in the digital age of today. To ensure customer satisfaction, you need flexible IT infrastructure that is reliable and secure, it can help your Cincinnati business meet its goals and offer a competitive edge in the market. This can look like outsourcing to an IT Support Service in Cincinnati or hiring an in-house technician depending on the unique needs of your business. In this blog post, we will create a comparative analysis of managed IT services and in-house IT solutions, to help you better understand what’s right for your Cincinnati business. 

 Understanding Managed IT Services Cincinnati 

 Managed IT services enable organizations to outsource IT tasks to a vendor as contracted or subscription services. Cincinnati’s rising business scene relies on these services from local IT companies like CMIT Solutions. These firms offer specialized support, ensuring the city’s businesses operate smoothly with top-tier network infrastructure services. 

 Imagine the Bengals without the team behind the scenes prepping the uniforms, ensuring all equipment is in place, every game flight is booked correctly, and every helmet is inspected for safety. In the business world, this translates to ensuring servers run efficiently, data is stored securely, and networks are swift and seamless. 

 Through remote monitoring and maintenance managed services, CMIT Solutions, and other IT support companies in Cincinnati keep watch over the health of your devices 24/7 to proactively keep them up and running. Plus, automated security and performance patch updates improve speed and performance while helping to prevent cyberattacks that exploit vulnerabilities. 

 Managed IT services for Cincinnati businesses provide consistent service without the added costs associated with maintaining key personnel. Additionally, with a managed service provider, your business can avoid high capital expenditures and have predictable operating expenses. 

 In-House IT Solutions  

 The goal of in-house IT services is to ensure that the organization’s technology needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively. By using the services of an internal IT team, organizations can avoid the expense and complexity of relying on an outside vendor. 

Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons of keeping your IT support in-house. 

 In-house IT helpdesk pros 

In-person visibility on issues: Keeping your helpdesk in-house means there’s always someone available who can come down and look at an issue in person.  

 Part of your company culture: The team will be tightly integrated into how your company works, its values, and its priorities. 

 Unified IT infrastructure: If you also keep your helpdesk software and server infrastructure in-house, it is easier for your administrators to maintain it along with everything else. 

 Cons of an in-house IT helpdesk 

In the right organization, an in-house helpdesk can be the superior approach. But it won’t be a good fit for everyone. There are challenges and costs associated with in-house IT management. 

Here are a few of the potential disadvantages to keeping everything under one roof. 

 Greater cost: An in-house team almost always costs more. You’ll need to cover salaries, benefits, office space, as well as helpdesk hardware and software licenses.  

 Managing turnover: When you retain staff in-house, you’re responsible for training, managing, firing, and replacing them. If someone leaves at a critical time of the year, then your remaining team is left to fend for on its own.  

 Limited coverage: For most companies, their in-house helpdesk only operates around business hours. If you have employees working off-hours or traveling in other time zones but need quick response times, what do you do when they need assistance?  

 Vulnerability to attack: Maintaining only an in-house helpdesk means you may be caught unprepared by unexpected crises that your organization doesn’t have the immediate skill set available to manage. 

CMIT technician executing managed IT services Cincinnati

Comparative Analysis: Managed IT Services vs. In-House IT 

 In general, the price range for managed IT services packages runs from $99 per month to $350 per user, per month. An in-house technician’s average salary ranges from $55,000 to $76,000 per year. There are a number of expenses and investments in both approaches. 

 Managed IT Services cover all expenses associated with the network, including: 

  • Subscription/Service Fees 
  • Initial Setup and Deployment 
  • Maintenance and Upkeep 
  • Scalability and Flexibility 
  • Cost Predictability 

 Because managed IT services provide a more predictable cost structure this can allow the business to better maintain the budget with a fixed rate monthly. In-house IT presents different costs associated with completing the job, including: 

 In-house IT costs include more variables or are prone to unexpected expenditures. Which can present challenges when operating on a fixed budget. A fully managed IT plan can seem more expensive than an hourly or retainer model, but we’ve seen again and again how our customers have saved money every month by making the switch. 

Analysis of Services and Support 

Both models have their distinct advantages and can adapt differently to business changes.  

 Managed IT Services are inherently more scalable as they often operate on flexible subscription models. They can quickly adjust to accommodate the evolving needs of a growing business. Service providers offer the ability to easily scale services up or down, supporting business growth or fluctuations in demand. 

 Access to Specialized Expertise: Managed IT Services offer access to a diverse range of specialized skills and expertise. They have teams with knowledge across various IT fields, which allows them to adapt to different technologies or industry-specific requirements. 

 Adaptation to Market Changes: Service providers keep up with the latest technological advancements and market trends. They can swiftly integrate new technologies or adjust strategies to align with industry changes. 


In-House IT: 

 Control and Customization: In-house IT teams often offer a high level of control and customization over technology solutions. This enables tailored solutions that are specifically aligned with the company’s unique needs or processes. 

 Cultural Alignment: In-house IT tends to have a deeper understanding of the company’s culture, operations, and long-term strategies. This familiarity can assist in aligning technological decisions with the company’s vision and values. 

 Direct Oversight and Management: Having internal IT staff allows for direct oversight and management of projects, providing a more hands-on approach to implementing changes or dealing with business growth. 

 The decision about which is right for a business often depends on the company’s specific needs, the industry it operates in, the stage of growth, and the business’s strategic vision for technology integration and evolution. 

Woman working online with remote managed IT services Cincinnati

Factors to Consider for Cincinnati Businesses 

 Business size and needs: The choice between Managed IT Services and In-House IT often depends on the size and specific needs of the enterprise in Cincinnati. Small and medium-sized Cincinnati businesses (SMBs) frequently benefit from Managed IT Services due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. These services provide access to a range of IT solutions and expertise that these businesses might not afford in an in-house model. Larger enterprises might opt for In-House IT due to the scale of operations and the need for personalized, dedicated support. This approach allows for tailored solutions that align with more extensive operations and often offer direct control over systems. 

 Security and compliance: Both Managed IT Services and In-House IT have their unique ways of addressing security and regulatory compliance. Managed IT Services in Cincinnati often maintain updated security measures and compliance standards across their client base. They usually have robust security protocols, as they specialize in handling multiple clients’ data and are accustomed to various compliance requirements. In-house IT can also ensure stringent security measures and compliance but might require additional vigilance and consistent investment in technology and training to match Managed IT Service providers’ standards. 

 Technological advancements: When considering the latest tech and compatibility with both approaches, Cincinnati managed IT Services generally excel due to their focus on staying up-to-date with technological advancements. These services regularly invest in the latest tools and software to serve their clients better. They often possess a range of expertise in various technologies, ensuring adaptability and seamless integration of new systems. In-house IT can also adopt new technologies, but the speed and depth of integration might depend on the team’s size, skills, and resources available within the company. This might cause a difference in how quickly and effectively they embrace and implement new advancements. 


Managed It Services Cincinnati: Case Studies and Testimonials 

 Berman Bedding, Inc. has been in business since 1912. But when this mattress manufacturer started producing medical pads in the 1950s, it realized the need for efficient technology solutions to keep its factories humming. Operations have changed drastically in the last 60 years and when Berman President Robert Unger realized he couldn’t be the company’s IT guy anymore, he called CMIT Solutions. 

 Why Would a Manufacturing Company Need an IT Provider? 

“I called CMIT when I was no longer good enough to be the IT guy for the company,” says Robert Unger, president of Berman Bedding. CMIT Solutions of Erie provides 24/7 support that instantly solves problems and keeps business running for this local Pennsylvania manufacturing company. 

 Read more testimonials from local businesses sharing their experiences. 

  Explore Managed It Serves Cincinnati Today 

 In a rapidly advancing digital age, the criticality of IT infrastructure in business operations is often understated. From network functionalities to cybersecurity, having a flexible, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure is crucial for businesses to achieve their goals and stand out in the competitive market. This can be achieved through either outsourcing IT support to a Managed IT Service in Cincinnati or maintaining an internal IT department, based on the specific requisites of a company. 

When deciding between Managed IT Services and In-House IT for businesses in Cincinnati, it’s important to consider several key factors to determine the most suitable approach: 

  • Size and Specific Needs of the Business 
  • Budget Considerations 
  • Security and Compliance Needs 
  • Technological Adaptability 
  • Business Growth and Changes 

 By considering these factors, Cincinnati businesses can better evaluate which IT solution aligns with their unique requirements, industry specifications, and long-term business vision. It’s essential to weigh the benefits and challenges of each approach and assess how they fit within the company’s growth trajectory and operational goals. 

If you are a Cincinnati-based business, you can’t afford to let your business technology grind to a halt while waiting on break-fix services to come through. Let CMIT Solutions of Cincinnati & NKY take the IT burden off of your shoulders. The best part? Because we’re local, our technical support team is always close by.  Call us today at 513-562-1261. 


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