Seven Ways to Enhance Your Network Security with CMIT Solutions

Seven Ways to Enhance Your Network Security with CMIT Solutions

We have all heard news reports of cyber-attacks on businesses and organizations, large and small. However, with enhanced network security in place to protect your IT infrastructure, you can manage your business virtually worry-free. From conducting an initial risk assessment to leading security education and training, CMIT Solutions will cover your data assets with enhanced network security measures – such as the seven methods outlined below – that meet your business’s specific needs.

Risk Assessment – You never know how vulnerable your networks are until you assess your equipment, software, permissions, and configurations. The IT professionals at CMIT Solutions walk alongside you and carry out this process so that you fully understand the risks, strengths, and needs of your current network.

Intrusion Protection and Detection Service – A firewall is just a firewall without the enhancement of an IPS/IDS service. In real-time, an IPS/IDS can halt the devastating effects of viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, and other tools that hackers use to gain access to your company’s data. CMIT Solutions can provide IPS/IDS services if your firewall currently lacks this level of enhanced protection.

Software Updates – Old software can be full of security holes that allow unauthorized access to your business data. Updating your business software to the latest versions can fix these kinds of security issues, speed up productivity, and help to guard against data loss. That’s why CMIT Solutions helps you update your software as a significant part of enhancing your network security.

Managed Anti-Virus Services – Servers, desktop computers, laptops, and connected devices are susceptible to viruses that can transfer to — and affect — your business network. Enhancing your network against this threat means proactively and regularly checking these important parts of your network for infections that could cause an outage. CMIT Solutions can install a managed anti-virus program and monitor your network to keep your data protected.

Filtering Services – Whether it blocks spam, inappropriate web content, or malware, including filtering services as part of your network enhancement is a smart idea. For example, web filtering blocks connections to websites that should not be accessed from your business network such as unsecured sites, gambling, gaming, and adult sites.

Security Gateways – Yet another way to enhance your network security and stop viruses, malware, and unauthorized data access is through the use of a secure Web gateway. Security gateways keep internal data and users connected internally while keeping outside users and potentially malicious effects out.

Security Education and Training – CMIT Solutions designs and delivers security training to engage your staff in actively protecting your company from cyber-attacks. Through cybersecurity training, they will learn about the tools and technologies used to defend against threats and attacks, how to identify data security risks, understand security regulations and standards, and realize their personal role in enhanced network security.

CMIT Solutions provides businesses like yours with the finest in enhanced network security. We begin by helping you estimate your exposure then address the issues by enhancing your network security using a variety of tools. Call CMIT today at 513-562-1261 for a quote on meeting your specific network security needs. We will help you address your most significant risks.

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