Backup & Data Protection

Fully managed meaning we'll handle everything.
We make sure backups are always working and
you can restore in the event of data loss or disaster.


This feature serves as the backbone of a system and adds significant usability in disaster scenarios. With image-based backup users no longer have to pick and choose which files are backed up or worry about saving the most recent draft to the shared/backup folder.


A picture of the workstation or server is taken and stored as a place in time for that machine.

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This is essential for restoration because rebuilding or virtualizing a machine requires not just files, but also the applications and systems.

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Virtualization refers to the process around creating a virtual version of something. In the case of business continuity, this would likely be servers, devices, applications, or entire networks.


The virtualized versions act completely independently from the physical devices.

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This feature keeps businesses functioning when the physical devices fail, minimizing downtime.

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Keeping your data secure, whether it be personal or business, is hugely important when selecting a backup solution. Natural disasters can wipe out entire facilities, so it is important to choose a provider with multiple, geographically separated data centers.


Flexible options to suit clients with storage needs varying from 6 – 100 TB, NAS products use architecture that translates into cost efficiency, performance, scalability, and extensibility.

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Easily implement and use as a common location for sharing files or backup target,. Simply plug it into the network, quickly configure, and all of the data is readily available locally, backed up to the Cloud, and quickly recoverable in a disaster scenario.

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Simple. Secure. Safe.

CMIT Solutions of Northwest Columbus partners with Datto because businesses rely on complete continuity and data protection, no matter what. CMIT Solutions provides a simple, secure, and safe way to protect your data and your business from catastrophe. With CMIT, your backups are fully managed and we make sure backups are always working so you can restore in the event of data loss or disaster.

Enterprise Data Protection for Small Businesses.

Leveraging our national footprint and close partnerships with industry leaders, CMIT Solutions bring the best data protection and backup tools to SMBs in Northwest Columbus, OH. Today’s small to mid-sized businesses are creating more data than ever. Your growth calls for more robust solutions to back up your business-critical data.

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CMIT Solutions of NW Columbus provides responsive, professional IT support and technology services for your business, performing regular ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and backups – everything necessary to ensure an efficient, secure, and reliable IT environment