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Preventing Cyber Security Attacks

Is your network secure? Nothing’s more valuable than you and your client’s data.

Most people don’t feel compelled to spend too much time wondering how to prevent a cyber security attack if they’ve never experienced one. It’s much easier to go through life assuming that it’s one of those things that always happens to “someone else,” but like the great author and illustrator of “Calvin and Hobbes,” Bill Watterson, once wrote: “We’re all someone else to someone else.” That’s why it’s so important to take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity strategy—the longer you wait to upgrade and improve your solution, the more susceptible you are to a hacker breaching your system. So why not update your business’ cyber security plan today, before it’s too late? Nothing is more important than protecting you and your clients’ personal information. Here are some helpful tips that you can employ today so that your sensitive data is safe and out of harm’s way.

  • Update Your Software: Outdated technology means an outdated security solution. The more frequently you update the technology you use, the more likely you are to be able to repel preventable cybersecurity attacks. While you might keep a routine 9-5 schedule, the hackers trying to break into your network are more likely to maintain odd hours. You need a security solution that can hold fast even when you’re out of the office. Advanced applications can help bring you 24/7 support, unlike outdated equipment.
  • Keep Your Staff Aware: Phishing emails can wreak havoc on your network if you’re not careful. If your staff doesn’t even know what a phishing attack looks like, how can they hope to stop one? Training your internal team to be able to identify cyber threats is the first step toward top-to-bottom prevention. If your approach to training is well-rounded, then it’s that much easier to keep your sensitive information safe. Don’t overlook the importance of keeping your team up-to-date—the better they are at spotting security threats, the easier it is to keep hackers at bay.
  • Work With an Experienced Provider: The easiest way to keep your environment safe is to hire a qualified cybersecurity provider that’s capable of protecting your network without compromising productivity. CMIT Solutions provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions so that you never have to worry about downtime, security breaches, and other commonplace issues that plague unprepared companies.

Be proactive when it comes to protecting your network. Reach out to our team today at CMIT Solutions—we guarantee that we’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for so that you can enjoy optimal production without having to worry about security breaches or troublesome downtime.


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