7 Useful Cybersecurity Tips

Massive data collected through operations of a company is great for efficiency as it aids in decision making. All this data can make you more vulnerable to cyber attack as the amount of data you store determines the likelihood of becoming a victim to these criminals. You can protect your interests with the following tips.

1) Know what you are protecting. It is imperative to have a good knowledge of the data your firm is gathering. You should know things like its location, who owns it, what is the value of it, where and how frequently is it backed up. With this information, you can set up data-protection priorities accordingly.

2) Understand your Hackers. Amature hackers are generally less dangerous as opposed to professionals. Hackers may commit cybercrime for various reasons. Most hack into your data to steal or extort money while some can be terrorists who just want to do damage while there may be some who want to steal or extort money while damaging your setup. With a good understanding of who would want to attack your system, you can be better prepared.

3) Stay on the Offensive. As the popular saying goes, the best defense is a good Offense. Compliment your defense with an excellent offense by using the new artificial intelligence based tools that can warn you about a potential cyber attack by detecting probes of data beforehand.

4) Look for vulnerabilities by incentivizing your top employees to hack into your system and find vulnerabilities. This will keep your employees challenged while shedding light on the vulnerabilities. If your organization doesn’t have any such employees, you can recruit ethical hackers who are certified hackers. These professionals help organizations become more secure by exposing all their vulnerabilities and advising them on how to fix them.

5) Gone are the days when all you needed was a good perimeter defense. In 2018, you must have layers of security with a data-centric encryption in the last layer if you want to protect your data. Things have changed a lot from when Perimeter defense was all the rage 15 years ago.

6) All data must be Encrypted. Encryption is more affordable now than it has ever been in the past and its prices are expected to only go down in the coming years. This enables everyone to encrypt all their data with little or no financial burden. All data including data in motion, data on mobile platforms, structured and unstructured data must all be encrypted to secure them from prying hackers.

7) Keep your encryption keys with you at all times. Handing them over to other agency or freelancers must be avoided at all cost. Any task that needs encryption keys must not be delegated to anyone outside the organization. It must only be handled by the most authorized personnel within the organization.


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