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CMIT Solutions is a recognized leader in Managed IT Services for businesses. We’re business owners too, so we understand the opportunities and challenges facing today’s organizations. Our exceptional team includes more than 250 franchise locations and 900 top technology practitioners who want to help your business succeed.

Our mission

You’re the focus of our mission. We empower businesses like yours by providing innovative technology solutions, managed IT services and cybersecurity.

Industry recognition

We’re honored to be recognized as a leading Managed Service Provider. In addition to local accolades across the communities we serve, we’ve also received awards from some of the most prestigious organizations in the industry. CMIT Solutions has consistently ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list for more than a decade. What’s more, ConnectWise named CMIT Solutions Partner of the Year, the company’s highest partner honor.

Community driven

We’re actively engaged in helping businesses in the area succeed. With CMIT Solutions, you can count on the integrity of locally invested relationships backed by a strong multi-location network of resources.

Meet the Owner of CMIT Solutions Washington DC


Anne Morrison

Anne and her CMIT Solutions staff provide hands-on support to non-profits as well as local for-profit companies. They also co-manage IT infrastructure for larger companies by providing security overlay for operations and represent an international client with retail outlets across the US.  They serve clients in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

How It All Started

Anne’s passion for IT spans decades and can be credited to two pivotal people. While working on her master’s degree, a professor wanted each student to have a solid background in all things “computer.”  He took the class to a university lab that preserved an original keypunch machine and everyone was tasked with making a program work with punched holes. This was just the beginning of Anne’s journey in the tech industry.

The Director of the St. Louis Housing Authority then took a leap of faith in her to fix a problem with getting services delivered to the elderly by developing a program to organize all of the data.  This led to the service delivery program being saved, and the opportunity to expand on that experience by building houses in addition to computer programs.  Anne started with supervising the construction of a small rehab project and moved on to the development and financing of larger projects, establishing asset management programs, and then to managing investments nationally. She was one of a limited number of female officers for a Wall Street firm.  Over the years, Anne has developed databases, built out and managed a government agency website, and provided technical support for agency staff.

After completing a BS degree from the University of Tennessee, she earned a Master of Arts, Urban Affairs Degree focused on federal policy, statistics, and research from St. Louis University.  While at St Louis, she completed research that contributed to a book on the history of one of the largest public housing failures.  After graduating from St. Louis University, Anne was selected for “Leadership St. Louis” where she was involved in several community-based programs before moving to Washington. She was selected for and graduated from the Washington University Certified Public Manager Program.  She served as Chairman of the Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF) during the financial crisis and completed a 15-year term at the end of 2022 as a member of the board. WACIF provides technical and financial support to small businesses in the Washington DC area.  Anne is also on the board that was set up to own and develop the Anacostia Arts Center and is on the board of CHAMPS, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce.  Anne also contributed a chapter on Cybersecurity for the book “On thin Ice.”

Meet the Washington DC Team

Director of Information Technology

Zak Dafaallah

A transplant from California, Zak is life-long tech enthusiast. His passion for tech began as a young child, learning on a Macintosh Classic in the early 90’s. Since then, technology has been a consistent part of his life. During his time at the United States Military Academy, West Point, he was part of the computer club, and upon his return to CA, he worked as an sysadmin for a real estate company, worked at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History teaching astronomy (and maintaining and programming the planetarium system as well as the observatory), and rides, builds, and maintains his motorcycles. So if you ever find yourself in DC, hit Zak up! He can take you for a ride under the stars, and fix your computer while he’s at it!

Bria Adams

Information Technology was not my first introduction into the STEM field. I was a programming kid at first, programmed websites for fun and was even able to maintain websites for others. Eventually transitioned to IT because I wanted to know how my computer operated. After I transitioned, I remembered always being called to give a recommendation or advice because they were told that I was the go to tech person!

How to Stop Robocalls

Security Expert and President of CMIT Solutions Capitol Hill, Anne Morrison, discusses the details of Robocalls and how to stop them. In 2017 approximately 5% of calls were attributed as robocalls. In 2018 it went up to 30% and in 2019 robocalls are expected to be close to 50% of all calls.

What is the difference between spam and robocalls? What are the different types of robocalls? What organizations are exempt from the rules and regulations? What are 5 Tips to stop robocalls? Watch the video to find out!


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