Cybersecurity for Construction

Today’s digital age has enabled the construction industry to utilize new technologies to become more efficient, streamlined, and secure. However, most companies in the construction sector still find themselves unprepared and vulnerable when they fall victim to cyber threats.

CMIT Solutions has an effective cybersecurity infrastructure and team with a deep understanding of cyber threats companies face and how to keep the organization safe. 

Why Is Cybersecurity Critical in Construction?

Integrating technology in construction makes processes more efficient and accessible, but it introduces new challenges that make cybersecurity more critical than ever. Some key reasons that make cyber security critical in the construction industry include the following:

  • Protection of digital assets
  • Secure data backups
  • Ensuring project continuity
  • Cyber security management as a service
  • Safeguarding intellectual property
  • Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) security
  • Adherence to regulatory standards

Why Cybersecurity Risk Is Growing in Construction

Prudent companies take proactive steps to mitigate cyber risks, especially given the frequent technological changes and legal requirements that further add to their risk profile. Such vulnerabilities, like ransomware, malware, fraudulent wire transfers, and data theft, make many construction projects and companies easy targets, with cyber criminals quickly capitalizing.

Construction companies that invest in IT services to address and manage cybersecurity risks before a problem emerges are at the forefront of driving their top-line and bottom-line growth without falling victim to cyber-attacks.

What Are the 7 Types of Cybersecurity?

CMIT Solutions encompasses several effective practices and strategies for shielding its clients’ computer networks from unauthorized access, potential disruptions, and malicious software attacks.

Common types of cybersecurity construction companies should be aware of include the following:

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