What AWS Services Are Managed Services?

What AWS Services Are Managed Services

What in the world is Amazon Web Services, and which AWS services are managed services? Before answering this question, you need to know a little bit about the cloud. Just a couple of decades ago, cloud computing was still in its early stages. Few had heard of it. Those who had thought of it as an imaginary infrastructure idea reserved for IT geeks. No one could predict how popular it would become. The cloud is now a vital part of nearly every company and home.

Amazon Web Services first launched in 2006. With it, the average user could rent a virtual computer for their own applications. The cloud revolutionized how people build and operate online systems. This invisible data stream contains countless transactions, uploads, and critical information.

Why Your Company Needs AWS

Ever since its introduction, AWS has been a staple for many businesses. Both multibillion-dollar empires and small family-owned companies benefit from the program’s services. Currently, AWS features over 200 tools and products. The five fundamental service categories are storage, compute, networking, database, and identity management.

Unlike other technological advances, AWS remains committed to serving the IT novice. You don’t need any fancy degrees or additional skillsets to take advantage of its offerings. Instead, you can rely on managed systems to help integrate your business into the cloud.

Popular Managed Services with AWS

Want to sit back and let someone else move you to the cloud? While some of the features are non-managed or semi-managed, several remain fully managed. Some of the most popular managed services include:

  • Cloud Directory
  • CloudSearch
  • DocumentDB Accelerator
  • Elastic File Systems
  • FSx
  • GuardDuty
  • Keyspaces
  • Managed Streaming
  • Managed Workflows
  • MQ
  • Neptune
  • Quantum Ledger Database
  • RDS
  • Simple Queue Service
  • Timestream
  • And many more

AWS introduces new tools regularly, ensuring there is something for everyone. Managed services remain in high demand. They operate behind the scenes and reduce your workload. Instead of training a separate IT department, you can finally focus on growth.

Venture into the Cloud with CMIT Solutions

More businesses than ever before have migrated into the cloud. This once uncharted territory has become mainstream. The cloud is flexible, scalable, and safe. Its adoption eliminated the need for large, expensive, and unpredictable physical servers. Nearly all successful companies, both big and small, rely on cloud computing for everyday processes. And AWS remains in the lead.

If you want to test the waters of AWS, the team at CMIT Solutions can help. As a leading managed IT services provider, we know what it takes to migrate your business into the cloud. Our team includes more than 800 technology experts and over 240 locations. Together, we’ll ensure you enjoy a smooth transition into the cloud.

Curious about building infrastructure in the cloud? Contact us to discover which AWS services will benefit your company the most.

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