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What is Cybersecurity & Why is Cybersecurity so important?

Hackers work 24/7/365 – can you keep a constant watch on your systems? If you think hackers are not after your data, think again. Small businesses are the richest targets because most can be easily breached. If your data is breached, will your customers trust you again?

Cybersecurity is a set of techniques to protect any internet-connected systems. It can protect computers, networks, software, and data. Cyberattacks are performed to enable unauthorized access, make changes or destroy data, or to extort money. Ransomware, Malware, and Phishing are some of the common types of cyberattacks.

In fact, the global cost of cybercrime by 2021 will reach an estimated $6 trillion per year, this is two times the increase from the 2015 estimate of $3 trillion per year. Cybercriminals target intellectual property, personal data, network infrastructure, and financial resources. And, here’s the worst of the bad news: they are targeting mostly small businesses. The main reason half of the global cyberattacks involve small businesses is that business owners don’t invest in a cybersecurity provider; they assume that hackers are only attacking major corporations. In simple terms, cybersecurity is a solution to save your highly essential data, computers, programs from various Malware and viruses from any unauthorized access and / or use.

How does a multi-layered cybersecurity defense work?

Since cyberthreats constantly change, we focus on multiple layers of cybersecurity protection, starting with a strong network perimeter defense, including a managed firewall, active network management, and periodic network inspections. We add proactive monitoring of your systems including anti-malware, anti-virus, DNS filtering, and anti-spam protection. CMIT solutions test vulnerabilities and cyberthreats by anchoring automatic malware detecting sets under the expertise of a highly qualified group of digital experts.

Finally, we ask that you invest in security training for your staff, because your team is your first and best line of cyberdefense.

Small businesses typically don’t take the appropriate measures towards cybersecurity. As they feel, these attacks are often on big corporations. Which makes them vulnerable.

This is why CMIT solutions is your best option!

What is your exposure risk ?

We offer a Cyber Security Risk Assessment service to help you quantify your cyber security risk exposure and understand what actions you can take to gain the strategic advantage against cyber threats. We right-size this assessment for the size and complexity of your business. For those business operating under HIPAA, DSS PCI, Sarbanes Oxley or DFARs, we offer specialized risk assessments.

We follow three main areas of concentration during this focused effort:


Start by understanding your cybersecurity exposure. Prioritize issues by threat probability and business impact.


We will eliminate high risks by implementing our multi-layered cyberdefenses. We will also schedule periodic inspections of your complete IT infrastructure.


We will review your cyberdefenses daily, and report operational trends monthly. We will also establish on-going team training and spot inspections.

Over 240 locations.
Wherever you are.

What makes CMIT Solutions cybersecurity support different?

Your CMIT Solutions team brings a North American based Security Operations Center staff with more than 100 human security experts operating 24/7/365 as an optional part of your cybersecurity defense. We also inspect network traffic (called deep packet inspection) and can inspect security information and event data as part of our most elite service plans.

Over 240 different locations and more than 1,000 technicians are available to support your business. Have multiple locations or key team members traveling? No problem. We can coordinate support to any location, and every member of the CMIT Solutions extended community uses the same business practices, management tools, and ticket tracking systems. Work flows seamlessly through our system for you.


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“Our line of work is dependent on IT and we can’t have any downtime. CMIT has helped us grow from three employees to 20, and they’ve helped us manage our growth and begin working with remote employees, keeping us all connected.”

Michael Mills, President | Broadwing Aviation

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