10 Surprising Managed IT Statistics Small Businesses Need to Know

Managed IT services can be a great way to support your small business and allow your company to focus on being successful. Providers of managed IT services, such as CMIT Solutions, can provide expert knowledge and a wide array of IT functions that can help you manage your business in a safe and secure way. Need more convincing? Here are ten surprising managed IT statistics that we think you should know.

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1. 140,000 Hard Drives Experience Data Loss Each Week in the U.S.

Each week, 140,000 hard drives experience data loss nationwide. Having a managed IT service provider already in place for your business can be extremely valuable in preventing you from joining that jarring statistic.

2. Data Crashes Cost Small Businesses $10,000 For Every Hour of Downtime

According to a study from CloudRadar, more than half of all small businesses will need more than one hour to recover from a data crash. On top of the time it will take to get back to normal, on average IT downtime costs $10,000 every hour. Can you afford it?

By working with a managed IT service provider such as CMIT Solutions and having a tested disaster recovery plan, you’re ensuring that you’ll keep your head above water if something happens.

3. Malware Attacks Increased by 358% in 2020

Working from home might be making you a target. In 2020, ransomware attacks saw a major surge in frequency. Malware increased by a whopping 358% in 2020 alone. Cyber criminals are looking to prey on remote work setups and security practices that aren’t meeting standards. Having a managed IT system in place will help make 2022 a year of safe and secure data.

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4. Small Businesses Are the Target for 43% of Cyber-Attacks

A recent Verizon data breach report says that small businesses are the main target for over 40% of cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals aren’t out there only targeting big, financially stable businesses — they’re looking at mom and pop shops who might not know how to properly defend their data. This is why having a managed IT service in place is crucial.

5. Approximately 7% of a Small Business’s Revenue Goes Toward IT

On average, 6.9% of a small business’s revenue goes toward IT — that’s a large chunk of change for any growing business. Don’t gamble with that amount of revenue. Put it toward managed IT services instead, and rest assured that your investment is actually protecting your business.

6. 65% of IT Budgets Are Doing the Bare Minimum

According to a Cisco report, 65% of IT budgets are spent just to “keep the lights on.” You want your dollar to go harder if you’re spending it on IT. With managed IT service providers such as CMIT Solutions, you can guarantee that your IT budget is going toward more than just keeping the computers running.

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7. Managed IT Services Can Reduce In-House Costs By Up to 40%

Managed IT services can reduce your recurring in-house costs by up to 40%, and increase efficiency by 50 to 60%! Spend that extra money you’re saving on growing your business and providing an excellent work environment for your employees.

8. In 2022 Worldwide IT Spending Will Increase by 5.5%

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total to an amount of $4.5 trillion in 2022, an increase of 5.5% from 2021. More and more small businesses are realizing that being successful means having a solid security and IT system in place.

9. 57% of Organizations Think Outsourcing Can Help Them Increase Their Focus

57% of organizations believe that outsourcing can allow them to completely focus on their core business activities. When you don’t have people worrying constantly about IT and cybersecurity, you can allow your employees to focus on their job and help drive your business’ success.

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10. 25% of Customers Will Stop Doing Business With a Company That Suffers a Security Breach

One in every four Americans will stop doing business with a company after it suffers a data breach. You want to be protected against losing money, losing business, and losing peace of mind. Outsourcing and procuring managed IT services can help you maintain a solid customer base.

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