IT Procurement for Healthcare: Where To Start

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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to ignore the major role that technology plays in the growth, success and daily operations of industries like healthcare. 

For example, healthcare practices depend on reliable hardware and software solutions to keep processes such as customer service, financial management and day-to-day operations running smoothly. Furthermore, the right IT services help healthcare practices overcome obstacles regarding remote working, patient file sharing and departmental communication. 

It’s clear why IT procurement for healthcare is so critical.

In this blog, we’ll go over where to start in terms of IT procurement for healthcare practices, from defining IT procurement and understanding what’s at risk to recognizing the healthcare-specific benefits of procuring IT via a managed IT services provider like CMIT Solutions of Seattle

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What Is IT Procurement for Healthcare?

Information technology (IT) procurement is the process of obtaining the IT services and solutions your practice needs to succeed. 

These services may include the following:

  • The proper devices and hardware
  • Software solutions
  • Consultation
  • Service implementation
  • Maintenance via a reliable IT services provider 

With successful IT procurement, your healthcare practice has all the tools it needs (and the right support) to meet and exceed its goals.

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Understand What’s at Risk

To understand the importance of IT procurement for healthcare, you must consider what’s at risk. Here are some examples.

Suffering Confidential Patient Data Breaches

When you work in the healthcare industry, protecting patient confidential data is absolutely a top priority. However, failing to procure the right IT services and solutions can lead to devastating data breaches and expose vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity methods.

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Straining Internal IT

Obtaining and implementing all the latest IT services and products can be overwhelming. It may sometimes seem like you’re spending more time organizing tech trainings for your internal IT staff or determining how to fix or update products than focusing on what matters: your patients. 

Without proper IT procurement, the strain on your internal IT team and other departments can be detrimental.

Falling Behind on IT Updates

Another risk when it comes to IT procurement for healthcare is not keeping up with important IT updates. Staying current with software updates and the latest devices and technology ensures your data is safe and lessens the risk of security breaches and equipment failure. A sound program for consistently applying updates is one of the many HIPAA compliance guidelines.  But it’s easy to fall behind when you don’t work with a dedicated services provider like CMIT Solutions.

Jeopardizing Compliance

Working in the healthcare industry requires strict adherence to certain legal compliance guidelines — but keeping up can be challenging. Not meeting compliance standards for your healthcare’s IT can result in fines, penalties and even criminal charges. 

And don’t forget the hit your practice’s reputation will take.

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Consider What Outsourced IT Can Do for Your Healthcare Practice

After understanding what’s at risk, the importance of procuring IT from a managed services partner becomes apparent. Here are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing IT for healthcare.

24/7 Monitoring and Help Desk Support

CMIT Solutions of Seattle provides around-the-clock support, maintaining and monitoring your tech infrastructure no matter what. We’re ready to assist you 24/7 with any issues that your healthcare practice might encounter. 

Additionally, you can relax knowing that connecting with CMIT Solutions helps avoid frustrating, pricey outages and tech issues that could negatively affect your operations. 

Less Strain on Internal Staff and Resources

Outsourcing IT significantly reduces the stress and strain of training your internal staff on IT practices. When you partner with CMIT Solutions, we streamline all IT solutions and support, reducing pressure on your internal IT resources.

Ongoing HIPAA Compliance

Implementing regulatory compliance checks ensures companies don’t face legal fees and penalties that could cost them thousands. Compliance is particularly important in the healthcare sector because of confidential patient medical information. 

CMIT Solutions can make sure all IT solutions enforce HIPAA compliance and other key guidelines so that you don’t have to worry.

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Connect With a Managed IT Partner Today

At CMIT Solutions of Seattle, we provide high-quality IT support to healthcare practices like yours daily. We aim to keep your information safe and your processes secure — no matter where you’re located. 

We’re also industry experts on the best technological devices and help you with easy installation. Alongside us, you can focus on providing your clients with quality care while we worry about the tech support side.

Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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