Why Managed IT Services Are Crucial for Franchises

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Having a strong, dependable IT and cybersecurity base is important for any business. After all, when you don’t have to worry about your company and client data being secure, you can focus more on what matters — providing quality services or products. 

However, IT services must be reliable around the clock in our tech-heavy business environment. That’s why outsourcing to a managed IT services provider like CMIT Solutions is extremely valuable.

Managed IT services are here for you 24/7. A provider offers full support, proactively monitors threats, uses the best technology on the market and ensures your company doesn’t suffer periods of costly downtime. 

While IT and cybersecurity services are critical for any business, they can be especially important for franchises. In this blog, we’ll go over the top cybersecurity issues franchises face and the benefits of outsourcing your IT when you’re a franchise owner.

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Top Cybersecurity Issues for Franchises

Cyberthreats are rife in every industry. These are some of the riskiest issues for franchises.

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Security Breaches

Because franchises have multiple locations, the risk of being hacked can be tenfold. Don’t be a victim to losing your data or your customers’ confidential data. 

Managed IT services providers take proactive steps to take care of security maintenance. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about devastating breaches happening at any of your locations. 

Scarcity of Experienced IT Professionals

Although some franchise companies have on-site internal IT workers, depending on them to manage multiple locations, streamline all information and strictly follow cybersecurity practices isn’t always practical. That’s especially true when you need to train them to the market standard. 

Outsourcing your IT to professionals helps you concentrate on doing your job.

Evolving Technological Updates

Regardless of your industry, we’re all seeing rapidly evolving technological advances in this day and age. Managing multiple locations as a franchise owner can make it difficult to streamline operations and keep each location up to date. 

Fortunately, managed IT services providers have access to the latest technologies as well as the know-how to implement them across the board.

Keeping Compliant

Did you know that U.S. businesses spend an average of $10,000 per employee on regulatory compliance? As with tech updates, it can be challenging for franchises to stay current with all the laws, regulations and guidelines essential for running their companies. 

GlobalScape and the Ponemon Institute conducted a joint survey. It revealed an enormous return on investment for companies using regulatory compliance solutions, like those CMIT Solutions offers. Regulatory monitoring helped the surveyed companies keep up with regulatory changes and saved them an average of $1.03 million.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT for Franchises

Running a franchise comes with its own host of tasks. IT services shouldn’t be part of them. Here’s how outsourcing IT can help your franchise.

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Providing Proactive Monitoring and Help Desk Support

Outsourced IT services providers are available around the clock with ready access to solutions specific to your franchise. CMIT Solutions can proactively monitor and maintain your tech infrastructure, which reduces the risk of costly outages and frustrating tech issues. 

By providing comprehensive IT guidance, outsourcing managed IT for franchises can also allow businesses to take advantage of all the latest tech services and features. As a result, you remain current and even stay ahead of the curve.

Reducing Strain on Internal Workers

Large-scale franchises tend to have complex operations — and “complex” tends to mean “expensive” when it comes to IT training. Partnering with a managed IT company can help simplify and streamline your tech support, reducing the demand for (and financial strain on) your internal IT resources.

Rapidly Implementing Franchise-Wide Changes

When you have locations across multiple areas, states or even countries, quickly implementing franchise-wide changes can be difficult. Franchises call for a broad IT support system that keeps everyone on the same page throughout the business network. 

Working with managed IT can help you cut through confusion and eliminate any issues that come from working with diverse providers.

Growing Your Franchise

Franchises operate with expansion as a core principle — and CMIT Solutions wants to support that. We provide scalable, streamlined technology solutions that eliminate obstacles to your franchise’s growth and success. 


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Secure and Expand Your Franchise With CMIT Solutions of Seattle

At CMIT Solutions of Seattle, we help franchises keep their information safe and processes secure — across the board. We have loads of experience with managed IT for franchises, and we’re confident we can’t help your company grow.

We review data backup, remotely monitor IT infrastructures and provide 24/7 IT maintenance and user support. That way, you can focus on providing great services and expanding your company.

Contact us today, and let’s get started!


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