How you benefit from IT Managed Services

There are several concrete benefits to be gained through outsourcing IT Managed Services.

Controlling Costs

Through outsourcing, you pay only for what you use when you need it. Organizations can convert fixed IT costs into variable that allows more flexibility in budgeting.

Reduced Labor

Hiring and training capable IT staff members can be very resource hungry. Temporary employees/contractors are not always feasible in critical situations. Outsourcing the service lifts the burden and lets you focus your efforts where an organization needs them most.

Qualification and Capability

Upper management in general are not IT savvy enough to evaluate suitable policy and qualified staff. Certifications like MCSE and CCNA do matter, but so does experience and capability.

Experience Counts

IT service companies are well versed with any problem that may crop up in their domain, having dealt with related problems in the past. On the other hand an in-house IT employee is isolated in experience no matter how much they are trained.

Efficiency and Competitiveness

Organizations that implement and manage IT Services in-house have to commit considerable research, development and implementation resources leading to increased costs.

Deploying New Technology

A quality IT service organization will have the capability necessary to start with new projects right away. However implementing the same in-house may involve significant delays in hiring and training the right people and provide the necessary supporting infrastructure.

Retain Focus on the Core Business

Businesses often have limited resources, and managers limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help organizations stay focused on their core activity and not get distracted by IT decision making.

Reduced Risk

Every business investment comes with a certain amount of risk. The marketplace, competition, regulations, financial conditions and technologies all are in a constant state of flux. Outsourcing services can delegate and manage much of this risk for you, especially with industry specific knowledge, security and compliance issues. A dedicated service management is in general much better at ways to avoid risk in their domain.

Level Playing Field

Most small businesses can’t afford to maintain in-house technology infrastructure that larger companies can. Outsourcing helps small companies scale through access to the similar technology and expertise that larger organizations enjoy. This independent third party managed service can give your company a cost structure and economy of scale along with considerable competitive advantage.

Compliance and Security

Auditing your network, workstations and servers; keeping your firewall up to date, installing a DMZ, implementing PCI security standards and keeping in strict compliance with them – all this can be a quagmire for any organization. With increased means of doing business, businesses have more ways than ever to prosper. For instance, with numerous options such as Credit and Debit Cards, Gift Certificates, E-Checks, Wire Transfers etc, these many forms of transacting also come with a need for due diligence. By outsourcing security and compliance to a qualified managed services company you can rest assured. Your company benefits from minimizing the risks associated with maintaining client and financial data, sensitive competitive information and so on.

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