Security Advantages that Managed IT Services Provide Businesses

Outsourcing the management of your network or remotely Managed Tech Services Manhattan, can benefit your business in numerous ways. It’s a highly cost-effective means of monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure by experts instead of hiring staff in-house. Or it can free up your IT personnel to concentrate on essential projects other than daily maintenance. But are there any other benefits of opting for managed IT services?

From the security aspect, here are the benefits you get with remote network management.

Stay Up to Date

IT services at its basic level include carrying out software updates, upgrades and patches for your enterprise hardware and/or software. All technical infrastructure covered under your contract will be automatically updated on schedule, with you never having to worry about checking your update status or applying patches. Automatic updating can head off any cyber security threats that target vulnerabilities during the period between it being identified and a remedial patch being applied.

This is what happened recently with the WannaCry ransomware attack. The virus exploited a particular flaw in older versions of Windows OS. A flaw that a patch actually fixed in March 2017, but when the ransomware outbreak happened in May 2017, many users and enterprises hadn’t applied the patch yet! But those with managed IT services were safe as the patch was applied right after it was released.

You’re Protected

Managed IT services Manhattan can also provide you with customized security measures like managed anti-virus, firewall monitoring, anti-malware and anti-spam solutions. Enterprise-grade firewalls and anti-virus programs are de rigueur these days, so the big advantage that remote management brings you is worry free and up to date protection.

Keeping your firewall’s firmware and software constantly up to date helps reduce vulnerabilities. Regular reports will show you how your firewall is functioning and also throw up any areas of concern so that you can take appropriate action immediately.

It’s the same with other security solutions. Though it’s easy and more straightforward to implement an anti-virus solution and forget about it, managed anti-virus is meant to protect your business or organization’s network in specific ways that out of the commercial box solutions just can’t.

Backed Up

Managed IT services provide for backing up your data and managing it. Such a service will carry out your regularly scheduled backups, test your backups periodically and include reporting to ensure their security and availability.

Backing up your data isn’t optional these days – in many cases, organizations have to adhere to laws that require data security and retention. Having a strong data backup or Business Continuity solution is often the only means to protect yourself against rising cyber security threats like ransomware.

Opting for a managed backup service makes your data backups protected, monitored and readily available. This ensures data protection in the case of accidents, natural disasters or inadvertent human error, while also keeping your backed up data safe.

Whether you are looking at beefing up your IT management or reduce the load on your organization, managed IT services can give you all the necessary IT support your business needs.

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