Improving Cyber Security With a Pragmatic Approach

With time, more and more businesses are realizing that security is a primary business risk issue. In order to attain a state of resilience from such cyber security risk, businesses need to develop a highly mature security posture. This means that businesses today need to develop integrated controls and solutions depending upon procedures, processes and appropriate policies.

Sounds simple?

It does seem quite simple when you think about it superficially. According to Manhattan IT Support companies, once you delve into it that’s when you will notice all the complexities and the intricacy of the system processes. In other terms, how do you know what is the right approach for your environment? How can you assess if you are doing well or performing poorly? Who or what do you compare yourself with to make an accurate assessment? How do you demonstrate your progress to the board to ensure continued support from them?

You will need to be able to accurately benchmark your performance. But it must be done in such a way that it is tailored exactly to your organization. You must ensure that you take into consideration all the constraints within which your organization operates.

To answer all the questions that you may have, you can go with a cyber security model that is offered by Manhattan IT Support companies. They will provide you with a holistic and business-driven security approach to evaluate cyber security maturity. This will all be based on the risk profile and the business operations of an organization.

This system offered by Manhattan IT support firm goes further than the established industry-standard frameworks like ISO27001 and NIST. This system takes the best of these systems and adds another layer of benefits to them. This is done with the aid of our extensive customer base which enables you to have the upper-hand in threat intelligence. The end result is a system that is highly flexible, has a higher view, precision focused bench marking and pragmatic framework across all sectors, regions, and size of organizations present all across the globe.

What’s the benefit of all the features offered by our system over the existing frameworks that are constructed rigorously and used widely?

Unwittingly, these existing frameworks create a tick-the-box kind of mentality. To check off the compliance you just tick the boxes thereby thinking that you have achieved the required compliance, without holistically addressing the underlying risk. While these existing frameworks add some layer of cyber security, they must not be the only systems in place to effectively protect a business against cyber security threats.

Security Maturity – Where does it begin?

In most cases, Manhattan IT support companies assume that an organization’s inherent risk profile as the starting point. This generally defines the total amount of risk produced by the makeup, connections, and activities of an organization. Other factors that are considered are the security industry, Cyber Security, the threat landscape along with the types of information assets that are handled by the organization.

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