Reasons Why You Should Turn To Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication refers to the means by which your account is effectively secured by a six-digit code that resets in 30 seconds each. Upon entering your password, you will then have to add the MFA code which is generally provided through an automated message mentioning the code on your smartphone. This method adds a second-line defense to your sensitive data as the attacker will first have to know your initial password, after which they will require the MFA code, acquiring which is only possible by stealing your device. This brings up a great barrier against cybercriminals.

Why do we need multi-factor authentication?

  •         Identity theft is becoming increasingly common as a result of which there is an immense need for data protection that hinders the growth of such crimes that threaten many businesses.
  •         Surveys have revealed that the cybercriminals have been increasingly gaining an upper hand as the figures showing successful breaches have skyrocketed over the years.
  •         Hacks such as pharming, phishing, and keylogging are becoming more common as password theft is gaining constant attention among hackers.
  •         Headlines can prove to be quite deceiving at times as in reality, companies with big names are not the only ones being targeted but small-scale businesses too, are prone to such attacks.
  •         Hackers mostly look for golden opportunities such as stolen or weak credentials.
  •         Having advanced firewalls and anti-virus for system protection is a must. However, without secured user authentication, you are likely to make way for intruders.
  •         Most employees are already familiar with the authentication procedures through their personal life experiences. These could include regular usage of social media, online banking emails, and gaming that demand prior authentication to access the system.
  •         Cyber crimes are not just restricted to stealing data. In certain instances, these malicious activities also involve data destruction, the transmission of malicious content, spam, and alteration of services and programs.

Saving Security’s Sanity!

In recent times IT administrations undergo immense pressure when it comes to employing the right security measures for effective data protection. The fact that cybercriminals have developed more complex and clever ways to approach their victims only adds more fuel to the fire. This calls for an instant need for the administrators to shield their network in a way in which it still remains easily accessible. Here’s when multi-factor authentication comes to the rescue! This technology ensures the IT officials that reliable system security is being activated that will offer guaranteed protection to both the users as well as the organization’s platforms. This in turn will promote safe and flexible remote work and cut down on the complexities.

Wrapping Up

Multi-factor authentication can seem annoying at times but ultimately data protection always comes above convenience. That being said, multi-factor authentication is not just limited to work from home networks but can also be utilized in your organization’s working environment. A simple measure such as this will ensure the safety of your company and keep you protected from potential compromise.

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