Aijaz Khan
Director of Technology- START Treatment & Recovery Centers

''CMIT provides almost, right now to us, all the services. Initially, when we were on board with CMIT, we had all the services from database management to network management to desktop management, to desktop to printer service. Everything. CMIT did a good job. They transition from what we had before because it wasn't somewhat internal team. They got everything. They created the whole roadmap, which was necessary for down the line, what needs to be updated and upgraded through the organization. And the best thing about CMIT I will suggest is their dedication to come to the expectation of the vendor, like their client. I mean to say they come, they try their best to help the client in whatever way. And I think that is very commendable about them.

CMIT, it's still a huge network. It's not just CMIT North Brooklyn. It is all over United States. And on top of it, they're having knock, which is based, I believe in some, within the United States and outside the United States also. And which is like tier wise help. Like what Tier one, tier two, tier three. So that is very helpful. I have worked with before different vendors and it used to take them longer than of the time there to get things done for us. So with CMIT, they're already in the loop. Even, their suggestions, their partnership is a great boom and a great boost for Start-NY, I will say thumbs up for CMIT they're doing a commendable job. Awesome. A highly recommendable organization. They are improving on a daily basis. Any issues we're having here, they always try to improve, give us the best. They're always there. Their services, like impeccable, it is up to mark. That's what I will say.''

Dr. Ankur Prakash
Founder-Living Well Balanced

''With the growing attacks of malware and cybersecurity issues, you got to have a strong, reputable company like CMIT to manage your technology. Having that peace of mind, knowing that my patient data and all the documents and media and everything else is obviously protected and properly backed up in the event of any server crash or viruses or any hacking. I know now that's a huge thing about cybersecurity. They helped me with the hardware. They helped me with specific implementation on the software that we use internally in our office. And I think they also project, ‘’ Hey, this is what we're going to be needing you to do in the future to make yourself a little bit more technologically advanced.’’ Technology is actually a part of a department in this office as well, and I feel that that is a huge, huge benefit that I've had, that I feel like they feel and act as if they are also owners of Living Well Balanced.

CMIT is actually way less. Not just way less, but they're actually much more affordable than other technology firms that I have looked at. These guys really made me feel like I was their only client. I mean, they would respond to any of my needs at all these given days and times. We had office hours during the weekends and they were helping me during the weekends as well. When it comes to technology, it's a no brainer that what CMIT has done for me in the last 15 years that anyone in not just the chiropractic industry, but the medical, the dentist industry, even the spa industry, CMIT is hands down one of the best, best investments that you can do. If we had to go into the Google Review world, that would be five stars. If we had to go back into grade school, that would be, I would say a 99.9%. So I'm super, super satisfied. I couldn't be more thrilled with what they have done in the last 15 years and what they will do in the next 15.''

Adam Silverman
Partner- Silverman & Di Luccio Law Firm

''My firm represents major banks and there's an audit process that we have to go through. And the large lion share of that audit, is our computer systems and our security and it’s a major account, and if I didn't pass this audit, I would, basically be out of business. CMIT was great. They were knowledgeable. I could be demanding and he didn't seem to get frustrated with my nervousness, which I was pretty nervous. This was the biggest account I had, and Steve was patient and the company did what I expected them do, which was a big job. It was a lot of stuff. We passed the audit. There were certain tasks, we were given time to perform over time, to remediate certain things that were wrong.

And Steve was on it. When I asked him for help, he figured it out. It's a scary process. I mean, all these attorneys that go through this are all panicked, it keeps us up at night. It stinks, its brutal. And he was good. I mean, we passed, I would a hundred percent recommend CMIT, they're excellent. They're responsive. And they're good at what they do. And this is the kind of thing that if you hire a company that doesn't know what they're doing, you can get yourself in a ton of trouble and get thrown off of these very prestigious lists. And I can't have that. So anybody who needs a computer tech guy for the banking industry, I would recommend them wholeheartedly. If they want to call me and talk to me personally, I'd be glad to discuss that with them because they're good guys, and they do a good job, a great job, actually.''

Rebecca Vieira Cox
Global Director of HR- GOSHRM

''We decided to seek other options when it came to really getting an IT vendor that understood our needs, nuances of the environment and challenges that we were facing. CMIT has made a significant difference in terms of improving efficiencies on the IT side in our organization. We live in the era of technology and we're so reliant on technology for everything and having systems that allow us to really operate at the level of efficiency that we are expected to in today's world, I would say that CMIT really paid a huge impact on that. They do an annual audit of our equipment to make sure that the technology that we're using allows us to operate to that level of efficiencies, anything that is obsolete they make recommendations on what technology changes we need to make as well.

When I think of service delivery, I think of exceptional service delivery. CMIT comes to mind. In comparison to any other vendor that I've worked with in the past, I recommend CMIT Solutions, a great team of people, great support staff 24/7, they're always accessible from Sunday to Sunday. We have been able to get them at any time, because they understand it is critical to your business operations. And the support of the team again has exceeded expectations.''

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Robert Unger
President - Berman Bedding

"I called CMIT when I was no longer good enough to be the IT guy for the company. What I value most about the support and service from them is how instantaneous it seems to be...I always recommend CMIT because whenever we've had any issue, a quick phone call to them and they are either taking care of it remotely or on the spot.”

Jud Matthey
Owner - Matthey Automotive

"Technology is very important to our business. We wouldn't be able to operate at the level we do without it...CMIT managed all of our computers at all of our locations, and if there's an issue with any of the computers, CMIT takes care of it. They handle it right away."

Josh Sommers
CEO - Focus Media

"I'm pretty good with technology, but once I met...CMIT it was a different experience. Where we really learned the things we needed to ensure that not only is our data safe, but that we can have a working environment to ensure that our clients have the things that they need and never worry about downtime or losing data.”

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