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Nearly a quarter of our business comes from the healthcare industry, and we’re honored to provide exceptional IT support to such a crucial field. We work with a variety of businesses within the broad healthcare landscape, including clinics, emergency care facilities, pediatrics, and dental offices. We cover IT services at all levels of the industry.

When it comes to protecting patient data, ensuring your IT infrastructure is sufficient to meet your needs, and assuring your business is able to focus on its important work instead of having to take time to manage IT issues, it’s vital to have an IT partner who understands the industry and the unique needs therein. CMIT Solutions is

Solutions that get results

Healthcare businesses shouldn’t have to worry about networks going down or patient data being safe. We cover your needs to give you and your patients peace of mind.

  • Cybersecurity support will ensure you’re protected from dangerous hackers out to steal patient and business data.
  • Network provisioning keeps you connected and fosters greater communication to help you better assist your patients.
  • IT procurement offers you expert advice on the latest technology in the healthcare field.
  • Managed IT services let you focus on what really matters—your patients—while leaving the IT issues to us.

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HIPAA-compliant IT services

We stay up to the minute on issues regarding your IT needs. We’ve released our own HIPAA compliance program to help protect your patient data in accordance with all regulations. We also closely monitor cyberattacks on the healthcare industry to head off any threats before they breach your networks.

With CMIT Solutions, protecting your patients, and providing exceptional care, is easier. Let us handle all your IT needs—you have more important concerns. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your healthcare business.

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Experience the Value of Managed IT Services

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Benefits of working with a healthcare MSP company

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) offer healthcare organizations various services to help them manage their IT infrastructure, systems, and applications. The benefits of working with an MSP include the following:

Expertise and Experience

Healthcare MSPs have the expertise and experience to handle complex IT issues that arise in healthcare organizations. They can manage security, compliance, data backup, and disaster recovery.


Working with a managed service provider can be cost-effective for healthcare companies. They can save money on various necessities.

Improved Security

Healthcare MSPs can help ensure that the organization’s IT infrastructure and systems are secure and compliant.

Features doctors’ offices and healthcare providers should look for in an MSP

If your doctor’s office is considering using a managed service provider, some of the features to look for include:


  • Security and Compliance: Healthcare organizations must comply with regulations such as HIPAA, and it’s important to ensure that the MSP has experience with healthcare compliance and security.
  • Scalability: An MSP should be able to scale its services to meet the changing needs of the organization.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: An MSP should have a robust disaster recovery plan and be able to help healthcare organizations recover quickly in the event of a disaster.