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Why are dental offices a target?

In this day and age, a dental office can be a gold mine for cybersecurity threats. You might think that criminals wouldn’t be interested in a dentist’s office, but medical records and patient information can be lucrative for hackers to use for nefarious purposes. They could gain access to other sensitive information, blackmail the patient, get access to prescriptions to sell illegally, and much more.

There’s another reason dental offices make a great target: Most dental practices are smaller, family-owned companies. That means they typically don’t have a large staff, and they almost certainly do not have in-house IT support. Without a full-time IT expert available, it’s hard to plan a solution to security threats or implement proactive monitoring, which can leave the office vulnerable.

What can dental practices do?

For most dental practices, expanding to include a full-time IT support staff just isn’t practical. But it’s still important to protect medical records, which is why managed IT support makes the most sense for many in the dental industry. By hiring an outsourced IT support team, you can ensure your patient records are well protected, allowing you a minimal risk of disruptions to your network.

If a threat does try to attack your practice, our network security team will be a step ahead of them. When we get started, we’ll perform comprehensive assessments to identify where your vulnerabilities might exist. We can try to find the most common ways a hacker might get in and craft proactive solutions to force them to try a less obvious tactic. Most times, forcing a hacker to go with a backup plan or two to try and break in is enough to get them to move on to another target.

Keeping up-to-date on potential threats.

One thing you can always count on from potential security threats is that they are always changing their tactics. Hackers succeed because they dedicate time and resources to finding new ways to exploit network vulnerabilities and then move on to a new tactic when companies get wise to their methods.

Luckily, our IT solutions team also recognizes that threats are constantly evolving and network security must evolve with it. When we offer custom solutions for your business, we’ll monitor them regularly to ensure they are ready for current and future threats to your network. Our proactive monitoring services are designed to cut off criminal efforts long before they have a chance to pose a threat to your network, keeping your sensitive information protected.

Keeping the focus on patients.

Most dentists lead busy lives. There is a reason that dental patients have to book cleanings two to three months in advance, and it’s because the office can fill up quickly. Given how much time the average dental office has to spend on cleanings, fillings, and essential care, most don’t have time to dedicate to things outside of the day-to-day running of the practice. In fact, that’s what most hackers are counting on happening.

By going with outside IT help to protect patient records, dentists can stop worrying about sensitive information getting exposed and focus on treating their patients. Any work expert can tell you that people do their jobs better when they can remove unnecessary tasks from their responsibilities. The same holds true when you have IT experts monitoring your networks.

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Why is expert security so important?

The main reason hackers go after dental offices is the potential rewards coupled with minimal security. Having expert security in place helps make sure that the drawbacks outweigh any potential rewards to getting your information. In most cases, hackers are looking for the easiest possible targets, and if you can force them to go to their fifth or sixth-best plan, they are far more likely to give up.

Expert security can make that happen. We can identify several possible vulnerabilities so that it’s as difficult as possible for hackers to force their way into your network. When hackers want something badly enough, only the best security systems can stop them, which is why Fortune 500 companies invest major dollars in walling off cybersecurity threats. For dental offices, expert security is there to make the effort outweigh the benefit. The longer a hacker has to spend trying to enter your network, the better the chances are that they will decide it’s not worth the effort.

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

A hack can be one of the easiest ways to find yourself in violation of HIPAA. When companies suffer a breach, all their information can get exposed to the outside world, putting sensitive patient data at risk. Having the right IT team for your dental operations can ensure minimal disruptions and maximum patient protection if a breach does occur.

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