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At CMIT Solutions, we are experts at delivering enterprise-level support.  We strive to provide managed services worthy of a Fortune 500 company at a reasonable price that small to medium-sized business can easily afford. All CMIT offices are independently owned and operated. But they are still backed by a nationwide network of more than 200 locations and 700 technicians. Most of our owners come from Fortune 500 backgrounds. This means they understand the need to scale company support down to each and every office, user and device. In short, CMIT Solutions is the best in North America equipped to offer small to medium-sized businesses stellar support as they deserve.

Scroll down to learn more about the elements that encompass CMIT’s strategic approach, which we use to successfully manage the IT resources and infrastructure of all our managed service clients. We are offering enterprise-level support at an affordable flat rate monthly price.

24/7/365 Service

Proactive instead of reactive.

Excellent IT managed services are active or rather proactively problem solving the moment the issue arises. In order to do this, you have to monitor all of the technology in use 24/7 it doesn’t matter if it a phone or a desktop. Doing all of this reduces the chance that you will have any downtime.

Security that runs deep.

In the chaotic dangerous online world of today, there are viruses, hackers, and a simple firewall won’t keep you safe. Elite-level support includes anti-virus, anti-malware, web filtering, IP traffic analysis, and other layered network security solutions that can create a protective “umbrella” around your systems. This kind of managed services is felt and not easily seen except when they stop causing you problems.

Comprehensive support.

You might have a small two-man business or be an expanding one with more than 100 employees. However, CMIT Solutions can do support for any type of small business. Our technicians have decades of experience solving any sort of problem you can imagine. We strive to do more for you than any other IT managed services company you might select.

Nationwide Scale

A deep IT infrastructure.

We have a nationwide network of more than 200 business owners and 700 technicians with CMIT Solutions. And we try to match the gold standard of support of the corporate world in our offerings for you. You might have offices scattered over the globe but excellent infrastructure will meet your needs regardless of where you are.

Strategic industry partnerships.

We have significant collective power and thus maintain close relationships with major technology companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Barracuda, and Intuit. This helps us so we have perfect leverage to get extensive discounts and enhanced support for you. This is all provided by a local business owner at affordable price points.

Nonstop communication.

Collaboration is what signifies success in the business world. Your personal IT managed services team should be up to date on the latest trends, doing research and product development. And as CMIT Solutions has learned over the past 20 years, there’s no better way to do that than through open lines of communication. Our one-to-one business-to-business style helps us stay ahead of everything in technology as we have clients all across North America with unique business needs for their different industries.

Unmatched Quality

Real solutions for real-world problems.

Often IT managed services companies cater their services to shifting demands from businesses that are temporary market flukes. CMIT Solutions, on the other hand, is focused on providing customized services to match the issues of our clients specifically. Rather than getting caught up in momentary trends, we look at the essential bedrock needed and start there.

A steady focus on the human element.

Technology, computers, and networks are the things that are the life of an IT managed services company. What seems to slip away from people’s notice is the human element that uses those tools. Comprehensive employee training in things like acceptable use is pivotal to attain best practices for cybersecurity. This is one of the areas we pride ourselves on providing not just the technological solution but one for your employees as well.

Compliance that counts.

Whether it’s health care, finance, legal, or other regulated industries, compliance done right is a critical must for any business. There are so many focal points a good company must keep up to great quality in particular secure data storage, encryption, backup, and et cetera. However, a good technology company keeps you up to speed with industry and government requirements. Quality services in this area can make a vital difference between success or civil and criminal penalties pertaining to data protection.

Foresight & Commitment

Dedication to businesses of all sizes.

Many large IT firms don’t treat their smaller clients with the same level of dedication and respect as their larger ones. We have business owners with diverse business backgrounds as CMIT Solutions. We do understand solutions are not a one size fits all tee shirt. So the opportunity to help tackle the IT challenges of small or medium size business owners is one we cherish reaching for in communities all over North America with our managed services. That, in turn, helps them survive and thrive. We are all small business owners as well so your accomplishments fuel ours.

Industry insight and innovation.

Since technology is always changing, an IT managed services company is only as good as its vision for the future. Conducting primary and secondary research, testing and validating new solutions, and always staying a step ahead of cybersecurity issues and unforeseen challenges – these are the hallmarks of a strong IT provider. It shows who has your best interests as their highest priority. CMIT Solutions is proud of our awareness of the most cutting edge technology developments in file syncing, cloud storage, device security, file sharing, and compliance regulations. We use it so that we can put them to work for your business.

The CMIT Promise

The Human Intelligence Behind the Technology.

We are far more than a voice on the phone or a contractor. We are the imagination and human intelligence behind the technology. We are hopefully a future partner who will enable you to take a proactive role with your technology needs. We are composed of other small business owners that will understand your daily challenges. We hope to be the reliable support for whenever you need us. When something goes away we will be there as long as it takes to fix it. That is our promise, the CMIT Promise. You won’t find the equivalent anywhere else.

“It’s hard to find words to express our gratitude for the work they have done and continue to do.”

Barbara Crowley, Director of Operations | REI Engineers

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