What Is the Most Dangerous Cyber Attack?

Most Dangerous Cyber Attack

Are you concerned about the risk of cyber attacks for your business or organization? The truth is, small businesses experience just as much risk from cyber security breaches as larger companies. There’s no business too small to be a target for cybercriminals. It’s easy for attackers to target hundreds of small businesses simultaneously through automated attacks. Keep reading to learn about the most dangerous cyber attack for businesses and how to protect yourself against them.

The #1 Cyber Security Threat to Your Small Business

While small businesses face several cyber security threats, the most dangerous, damaging, and widespread threat is the phishing attack. Phishing attacks are fraudulent emails or communication that appear to come from reputable or trusted sources.

In a phishing email, the attacker will typically request that the recipient send sensitive data, such as credit card login information or social security numbers. Or they may ask the recipient to click a link, open an attachment, or download a malicious file.

How common is phishing? It accounts for a whopping 90% of all business security breaches and is responsible for more than 12 billion dollars in losses to businesses. So taking steps to protect your small business from these dangerous cyberattacks is crucial.

What Puts Your Small Business at Risk for Phishing?

Many business owners are not aware of the risk that phishing poses to their company. Some of the primary ways in which a business is at risk for phishing are:

  • Not having proper email filters on employee and company email addresses.
  • Not having up-to-date antivirus software with anti-phishing protection.
  • Neglecting to educate employees on the signs of phishing, so they can identify a scam.
  • Not having a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a software that encrypts your business’s data online.

Ultimately, employee error is the most significant risk to the integrity of your business’s data. It’s crucial to provide training to employees to help them understand the dangers of phishing and how to know the difference between a safe email or link and a fraudulent one.

Let CMIT Protect Your Business Data and Future

Cybercriminals work 24/7 to access your business data and profit from cyberattacks. Make sure your business is protected. Professional IT security services from a trusted team are vital when defending your business against phishing scams and other malicious software. At CMIT Solutions, we provide a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to help you understand your risks and gain the strategic upper hand against attacks.

We have more than 100 security experts and 800 technicians who will be there for your business day and night to provide unbeatable cyber security defense. You can have peace of mind and avoid the hassle and stress of phishing and other threats to your cybersecurity. Learn more about the most dangerous cyber-attack and how we can help by connecting with CMIT Solutions online now.

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