Desktop Support – 6 Challenges

It doesn’t matter how many employees use their own devices for their work, the office-based employees will always need a robust desktop system to be productive. This means that providing desktop support is essential to maintain adequate productivity. Businesses today face various challenges when delivering desktop support, here are some of them.

IT Desktop Support – 6 Challenges

1. Desktops come in various configurations – Most of them begin as a standard system and are then upgraded. Different employees will have different needs so special changes must be made to the desktop system to meet their needs. Some systems may need to be replaced completely. Multiple different operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac may be used as per the needs of various teams within the firm. Apart from the different operating systems, various versions of the operating systems may be used as well so managing the expertise required to maintain these systems is quite difficult.

2. Routine maintenance is quite challenging – Routine support and maintenance are essential for all devices. As the number of devices increases, it gets quite difficult to keep track of the location of a device, the kinds of patches required to fix a problem if any and the list of everything installed. Even with a fully functional remote access setup, some problems may only be solved on-site. This will mean that your team may have to keep moving from one location to another on a constant basis. Furthermore, all the routine tasks must be meticulously planned and scheduled to ensure that they don’t disrupt or hinder employees’ work, especially if they are working on a critical project of high priority.

3. Everyone has desktops – In today’s business world, almost everyone already uses a computer for some task or another which implies that they all need support. Staffing a full-fledged IT desktop support team in-house is not financially viable as it is quite expensive and requires a team of skilled employees.

4. It is not Just the Device – The task of desktop support teams is not just to provide hardware support but software as well. This means that the level of knowledge and skill required for this task is quite vast. Additionally, the task is not just to fix devices and its software problems but to ensure that the users compute safely with all the required legal copies of software licenses while minimizing security risks.

5. Constantly Changing Desktops – There is essentially no stability in the world of desktop computers. While hardware may stay around for a few years before being refreshed, the applications that are put to use by the users are changing constantly. This, in turn, means that the demand placed on the hardware by these applications also changes with every small change to the application.

6. Users want to use their devices to the limit – In order to meet compliance mandates, businesses must place certain limits on what users do with their desktop system. However, users have become used to BOYD computing on their personal devices over recent years so they expect certain freedom when it comes to custom tailoring their desktop devices to their individual preferences.

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