Here’s Why You Should Choose A SaaS Cloud Platform

The expansion of cloud applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce has been one of the most business friendly innovations in recent years. These SaaS applications have changed the way we do business, empower companies to take advantage of economic opportunities, reduce infrastructure costs, and expand cubicle boundaries. Storing data in cloud applications is much safer than storing data on most primary storage systems – but secure is not equally invasive. One-third of SaaS users report losing data in the cloud. Yes, the cloud is safe, but it is not a mistake.

Here’s Why You Should Choose A Second Cloud Platform:

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Supported Cloud Data

Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure offer tools that allow users to protect and retrieve their cloud information, but data loss occurs daily. Now, who is at fault? One of the main reasons for the loss of data in the cloud is the error of the end-user. This will remain the heel of the cloud until the software can distinguish between intentional and unintentional commands. Some common criminals? Deliberate removal by unsatisfactory employees, hackers, and external application errors (corruption data by sync/override). When data loss occurs, it may not be the fault of the primary cloud provider. With a cloud-to-cloud backup solution, businesses own data from the moment the backup starts of limits around a time point.

Can You Afford Downtime?

This is important for many reasons. If data is lost due to human error or malicious attack, there are some recovery options, but that includes trusting your cloud provider and paying thousands of dollars. Many platforms also have limited data recovery time. For example, Office 365 data removed from the Recycle folder goes to the 14-day recovery items folder (30 days if recycled) and requires administrator assistance to recover. This is not helpful when data is critical to day-to-day business operations. With the cloud-to-cloud backup solution, your data is available whenever needed. It means that users can recover any lost or damaged data while maintaining its integrity. So if malware hits a program, users can retrieve data from the login time before the data is hacked without compromising.

While cloud applications are more resistant to data loss than conventional methods, solutions that are on the way, are far from preventing irreversible data loss. Today’s companies back up their data ahead of time to ensure that they do not have the slightest hint of irreversible information failure. When using SaaS applications, be sure to manage data as you do your pre-data: backup. It is a common practice that needs to be practiced wherever your business data resides. After all, when you do a lot of business in the cloud, you have to lose a lot.

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