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Microsoft Office 365 Subscription – What Happens When It Expires?

Microsoft Office 365

There is no doubt that Microsoft office 365 is a useful service to everyone using windows computers. However, the services provided are completely based on the continuation of the services availed by the user. So if you are an avid user of these services, it is useful to know the procedure that Microsoft undergoes when subscribers cancel their service. Here are all the steps that Microsoft follows.

To begin with, let us first understand the situation from Microsoft’s perspective. Similar to most other companies, It costs significantly less for Microsoft to retain its customers over acquiring and onboarding new ones. This is the primary reason why they are willing to do all it takes to retain their customers and not let them go.

Microsoft has a three-step process in place to allow ample time for customers to reconsider terminating their subscription. Let us now look at these steps and the options you have as the customer if your subscription was ever about to expire.

Step 1 – Expired

When your Microsoft Office 365 Subscription expires for the first time, during the next 30 days your account will have an expired status. Contrary to what the name suggests, your Office 365 usage will not be hindered in any way. All of the installed applications can be launched along with the ability to install new applications. Microsoft will also ensure that your data is not removed from their servers. Administrators are allowed to add new applications and licenses during this period. They even have the ability to back up any data as well. The administrator has the option to renew the subscription at any given time during this 30 day period.

Step 2 – Disabled

Thirty days after terminating the subscription, if it is still not renewed then its status will change to disabled. The subscription will stay in this status until 120 days from the date of termination. With this status, only administrators can access the data stored on the servers and the admin portal. The rest of the users will not have any access to services, solutions, and Office 365 accounts so they will also lose access to their email services and OneDrive for the crucial business files. The other applications that are locally installed can just offer limited functionality which does not even include the ability to save and edit your files. Only the global administrator has the option to resume the license subscription at this stage.

Step 3 – Deprovisioned

121 days after the termination of the subscription, even the administrators lose all access to the remaining data on the servers. At this point, no backups can be taken and all the installed applications and services are inaccessible. During this step, Microsoft will start to actively remove all your data from their servers. This process can be sped up through a process known as expedited deprovisioning. If you decide to start using your Office 365 again then there is no way to resume your previous subscription. You will have to start a new one.

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