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4 Steps to Improve the Network Security


Not only do most commercial enterprises (large and small) fall short when it comes to system network security, hackers are coming up with highly sophisticated ways to break their defenses all the time. According to professional IT Support Manhattan, it’s not a matter of whether your company will ever be the victim of a data breach, but rather when.

However, there are several measures you can adopt to protect yourself from an attack. The best way would be to hire a computer security specialist or experienced network security administrator to put in place appropriate security infrastructure and manage the system.

There are quite a few things you can do to ensure your network security. Here are a few tips for any business interested in securing their networks.

 Regular Updates

One sure thing about technology is that it’s constantly evolving. The best way of securing your system is to have your computer and network components kept up-to-date.

Most companies that create hardware or software continue to support it over the medium to long term or at-least its life cycle. Any problems or bugs that surface are addressed with updates or downloadable patches.

In most cases, one can opt in to receive automatic updates by default. Such fixes are applied once they become available, or at-least pop up notifications so that you can decide when to apply them. Moreover, it’s recommended to manually check for software and firmware updates that you may have inadvertently missed.

Upgrading Equipment

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, often it feels like you’ve barely implemented something when a better option hits the market. Most businesses can’t afford to upgrade their components at such a high rate. However, if you choose your components wisely, you need not upgrade them quite often.

Experienced IT support firms can assess your requirements and the infrastructure that you already have in place. They can then advice you on options for upgrades or modifications that will be optimized and cost effective for your purposes.

Security and Passwords

Hackers regularly use passwords to break into networks. The best way to avoid this is with proper password measures.

This will require creation of strong passwords of 8-12 characters, that are a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The passwords should obviously not contain personal information (names, dates, etc.) and the passwords should be changed on a frequent basis.

Downloads & Internet

Even with proper network security measures – antivirus/spyware/malware software in place, you are suspect to individuals unwittingly engaging in potentially dangerous activities. These include clicking on suspect links and downloading harmful files. Often, this happens without them realizing what they’re doing.

An efficient network security system can be set up to prevent downloads altogether or require any downloads to be checked by appropriate software before they are allowed into the system. It’s also good to have training that caters to clearly communicate policies, outline rules about protecting passwords and data security best practices. These measures can go a long way in improving your network security.

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