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MSSP – Managed Security Service Provider

MSSP or a Managed Security Service Providers are IT service providers that offer a certain degree of cyber security organization, management, and monitoring. This includes a host of things like intrusion detection, VPN (Virtual Private Network) management, Spam blocking and protection against Virus. Some of the other things that an MSSP can handle are system modifications, changes, and upgrades.

What are the uses of MSSPs?

Organizations can choose to either outsource all of their IT functions or parts of it. The most common uses are that Managed Security Service Provider help in continuous monitoring to ensure security, assessment of vulnerability risk, management of intrusion and evaluation of the intervalence of threat. Some Manhattan IT Support firms also offer services to organizations under the regulated industries like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The most beneficial aspect of hiring IT Support in Manhattan and other areas as such is the cost savings. Hiring an in-house staff will work out to be more expensive while offering subpar results as opposed to a professional Managed IT Services providers in Manhattan and other such areas. By hiring Business IT Support Manhattan, an organization can save money by not needing all the expensive equipment required to do the task. Well equipped MSSPs will have state of the art equipment which can be accessed to perform the necessary task at a fraction of the cost.

Due to the presence of sensitive data or any other reason, some companies may be reluctant to hand over the security of their systems to MSSPs. MSSPs can prevent this by increasing their trust ratings. With brand awareness on media platforms like social media, they can boost their trust ratings. This can persuade many companies to avail their services without much hesitation.

History of MSSPs

Managed Security Service Provider have come into existence due to many reasons. With the expansion of the internet, there was a steep rise in cyber crime. This created a considerable demand void for internet security. Many individuals with managed security skills quickly realized this opportunity. Some of the other service providers have had a VAR (Value-Added Reseller) roots. Most of the top MSSPs today have come into existence as brand new entities for the sole reason of providing cyber security.

According to most industry observers,  all the channel companies are “security providers” to a certain degree as every aspect of the client’s operation features some component of cyber security.

From inception, MSSPs have focused on providing services to large companies. With the advancement in the uses of the internet, they soon realized that every company small or big needs all that they have to offer. This has resulted in them expanding their services to small businesses making up a significant chunk of their clientele.

Current statistics suggest that the need for cyber security services is only expected to grow. This market is on its way to reach a staggering $34 billion by 2021 according to research by MarketandMarkets.

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