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Today we can see the development of technology all over the place. Because of the advancement of technology the series of specialized issues additionally expanded. To forestall these issues, Hacking is the most ideal choice. Ethical Hacking is a way of keeping dangers from unknown sources. Ethical Hacking Training definitely helps in such a manner. These devices are applied to protect the delicate data inside the framework and organizations.

Utilizing Ethical hacking tools, an Ethical hacker outperforms the dangers and malware via looking through the weak parts of the system. Some various tools and methods help in hacking. Moreover, we can utilize these tools to secure our frameworks and information.

Ethical Hacking tools and techniques are the ultimate products used for the protection and security of various systems.

There are numerous Ethical hacking tools accessible from various sources. The best ethical hacking tools utilized by modern security experts. These tools help in a security investigation. Additionally, we can see the use of these tools in detail.


Ethical hacking tools


  •       Ettercap: It is one of the Ethical hacking tools. It incorporates the features of host and network analysis. This tool has the capability of sniffing a SSH connection. It permits making custom plugins utilizing API. While connecting in life, it assists with infusing a few characters into the server or to a customer’s network. Also, it upholds a detailed analysis of the action as well as passive protocols.
  •       Netsparker: It is the most recent web application security scanner that consequently identifies the weaknesses in web applications. It is accessible as a SAAS solution. It assists with identifying dead weaknesses utilizing the most recent scanning technology. Moreover, it requires extremely less configuration and can examine more than 1000 web applications inside a short period.
  •       Burp Suite: This is one of the Ethical hacking tools that helps in directing security tests. This is valuable for web application testing. It incorporates different tools that help the whole testing process.

It can detect the spams of more than 2000 web applications. It can scan open-source software applications. Besides, it can detect bugs and malware with precision utilizing progressed examining tools.

  •       John the Ripper: It is one of the most famous passwords cracking tool. It additionally helps with testing the password strength. This tool utilizes brute force technology to hack passwords. It auto-detects the encryption kind of password. This element makes it best among the password hacking tools. This tool uses a few algorithms, for example, MD4, LDAP, DES, Hash LM, and so forth
  •       Nmap: It is an open-source security tool. It is for the most part used to oversee and review organization and Operating System security. It is utilized by information security experts. It used to establish malware, network audits, network mapping, etc for both local as well as remote hosts.
  •       Wireshark: It is likewise allowed to utilize open-source devices for ethical hacking. It permits investigating network traffic in real time. It utilizes sniffing technology. It incorporates various highlights like power GUI, Packet browser, export results in various configurations. Besides, it supports different protocols. It is likewise accessible for different OS like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc
  •       OpenVAS: It is one of the open-source network scanners used for detecting vulnerabilities on different hosts. It contains different features like web-based interface, scheduled scans, multiple hosts scanning at a time, etc. Moreover, it is integrated with Nagios monitoring software.
  •       Acunetix: It is a fully automatic Ethical hacking tool that stays in front of any intruders. It can review complex issues identifying with the web and network. This tool has different highlights that incorporate checking various variations like SQL injection, XSS, etc. It is accessible on-premise just as on the cloud platform.
  •       Angry IP scanner: It is an open-source free Ethical hacking tool and supports different platforms. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It doesn’t need any installation. It scans local as well as web networks. It uses the best scanning techniques. It will help the hackers with more exclusive support.
  •       Savvius: This tool assists with performing issues and decreases the danger of security. It is easy to use software. It gives a speedy solution to the network and security issues. It provides integrated software solutions. Besides, it offers expert technical support.
  •       Hashcat: It is an open-source platform. It supports different OS. It allows using different devices within the same system. It also supports different cracking networks. Moreover, it supports different sessions and reports. This tool supports automated tuning performance.
  •       Iron was: It is also an open-source free hacking tool. It is useful for web application malware testing. It is a simple to utilize GUI based tool. It supports programming languages like Python and Ruby. It gives reporting in various formats like HTML and RTF. It actually takes a look at almost 30 web applications.

The above Ethical hacking tools are a few of the many hacking tools available. Most of the tools are free and open-source. Using these tools ethical hacking can be done easily.


Ethical hacking techniques



Moral hacking is a specialty of White-Hat hacking. It can possibly test, examine and secure the systems. Some of the ethical hacking techniques are as follows-

  •       Phishing
  •       Sniffing
  •       Social Engineering
  •       SQL injection
  •       Session hijacking
  •       Foot printing
  •       Enumeration
  •       Cryptography and so on.

These hacking procedures help Ethical hackers to secure systems and networks more securely. These strategies are more helpful when an expert hacker uses them to secure systems. These are safer and utilize the most recent updates towards the security of networks and systems.


Types of Ethical hacking


There are different types of ethical hacking. Here, hackers are taken for example. There are different types of hackers available nowadays. Some of these are as follows.

  •       White-hat hackers
  •       Black- hat hackers
  •       Grey hat hackers
  •       Miscellaneous hackers.

Among them, White hat hackers are called Ethical hackers, whereas black hat hackers are known as unauthorized hackers. These are also called Crackers. They are contrary to Ethical or white hat hackers. There are some other types of hackers also available but they are not very famous. Furthermore, these types of hackers use different techniques to protect and disrupt the security systems.


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