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CMIT Solutions manages IT for thousands of businesses across North America. We know our clients rely on us to select the best technology to meet their needs, but technology is only part of the equation. Service excellence, day in and day out, is what makes the difference for our clients. So when it’s time to select a technology partner, we approach the relationship slowly to test for support and service in a variety of ways. We’re proud of our technology partners and the key individuals that support our system — it’s these companies and their employees that support the CMIT Solutions offices across North America. Meet a few of our more than 60 technology partners.

We partner with Datto, a rising star in our industry, for data protection, specifically high-performance applications that snapshot your local data, and a cloud-based application backup product that assures you never lose your data in the cloud. Our CMIT Solutions-exclusive Datto team helps us size your appliances so you’ll have the perfect fit — and the Datto support team provides fanatical support. During Hurricane Sandy, 75 Datto engineers slept in a data center for three weeks supporting their customers, including CMIT Solutions.

When it comes to network and email protection, Barracuda offers a range of intelligent managed firewalls, essential email protection, encrypted email, and data protection products that serve our market well. Our exclusive CMIT Solutions Barracuda support team goes the extra mile each day, ensuring we have a strong defense against cyberthreats and complete data protection with accurate daily data backups.

We partner with DELL for their business-class servers, storage, and wide array of additional hardware and software components. We have our own exclusive CMIT Solutions DELL team working to expedite orders, ensure proper warranties, and resolve any questions that may arise. Our internal DELL team has each of our offices on speed dial, and we receive advance notice of sales and promotions. When an issue arises, our internal DELL team brings our issues to top-level management for quick resolution.

Lexmark is our partner for printers and managed print services. While you might not think of CMIT Solutions as your print or copier provider, we entered into a partnership with Lexmark because we found our clients were dissatisfied with the economics and service of their current print vendors. We can be a very competitive alternative to what you are using today. We chose Lexmark because they are highly rated by Forrester and Gartner Group research. As we have used Lexmark’s products ourselves, we’ve discovered we actually could fall in love with our printers.

Each year, our CMIT Solutions primary market research of more than 90,000 businesses shows that Intuit (and specifically QuickBooks) is the #1 application in use. We partner with Intuit because we know how crucial QuickBooks is to the operation of any small business. We use QuickBooks ourselves in each of our offices, and are happy to debate the merits of using QuickBooks Online versus having your own local server. Also, we do recommend the QuickBooks Point of Sale system.


We partner with Microsoft for their Azure and Office365 suites, as well as SharePoint, SQL Server, and other products. Each CMIT Solutions local office is in touch with a corresponding Microsoft local team, collaborating on joint events. We specialize in Microsoft products because we deliver these products to every business we serve.

At CMIT Solutions, we partner with strong technology companies. We’re proud to be a partner with Continuum, the provider of our core systems monitoring and automation platform.  Continuum provides an SNMP-based intelligent agent that automates the collection of operational data from all systems we manage.  We integrate this strong technology with our personalized technical service to provide a comprehensive service to our clients.


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