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The more you know about a particular operation, task or process, the better able you are to improve on it, prevent issues and provide greater customer service. That’s just what IT services can provide. CMIT Solutions offers IT services for businesses in the logistics industry, with benefits ranging from increased operations to better cybersecurity.

Keep Operations Moving

Nowadays, organizations have little room for delays. Whether related to manufacturing, delivery or another aspect of the supply chain process, even the smallest delay can lead to a domino effect. Unless time is made up at some point, every step after the delay puts the anticipated timeline in jeopardy. This can lead to a lot of unhappy people along the way. Our top-notch innovative solutions can help increase efficiency for you and your team while keeping operations moving at a productive pace and with as few issues as possible.

At CMIT Solutions, our highly experienced team members know what to do when an IT issue puts operations at risk. Our multitude of locations across the nation allows us to provide local service in a timely and efficient manner, just when you need it most.

All-in-One IT Management

We deliver all-in-one IT management, so you can get everything your company requires through us without having to contract with different businesses for separate needs. Because the logistics industry is mostly mobile, cloud computing can optimize decision making between warehouses, drivers, recipients, and command centers. With cloud integration, professionals can view inventory information and real-time updates to delivery schedules. CMIT Solutions is focused on tailor-made solutions, and our cloud services are no different. We’ll oversee a smooth and secure transition to cloud computing and maintain the system’s security long-term.

Cybersecurity is a must for logistics companies in today’s challenging internet landscape. With technology advancements, freight operators and shipping businesses are more vulnerable than ever to truck hacks. When central command centers lose the ability to track or communicate with their drivers, losses of goods or massive delays can follow. This can create a domino effect that impacts the lives of consumers relying on those goods. This is why it’s vital that logistics companies have strong cybersecurity protocols in place.

Supply Chain Compliance

With the emergence of telematics technology in commercial fleet operation, cybercriminals saw a new target that may not be fully prepared for attack. These hackers make data security even more challenging, and when a supply chain business fails to uphold the security of their system, they may be in violation of federal data protection laws. CMIT Solutions can help ensure you comply with new and existing privacy and protection requirements by keeping data secure and backed up.

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