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Government organizations and agencies are vulnerable to cyber attacks and need 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to prevent hackers from penetrating the systems. Outsourced IT can help government organizations improve their system, reduce costs, and prevent costly cyber attacks.

CMIT is your full-service partner

CMIT solutions offer cost-effective and comprehensive IT solutions to government agencies and organizations. Below are some of the services we offer:

Cloud Services – The government usually has a lot of data to store and manage. While there’s nothing wrong with doing all the paperwork, an agency needs adequate space to store all consumer data. Cloud computing gives you more flexibility as it eliminates the need to worry about limited resources. You can fully store everything on the cloud and have a secure backup in case of cyber threats or attacks.

Compliance – Government hospitals need to be HIPAA-compliant to help protect patient data. Our team at CMIT Solutions can help with compliance so you can focus on providing high-quality public service.

Cybersecurity – Secure and protect consumer data and social security by having multi-layered security solutions. Our system at CMIT can prevent data breaches or stop an attack, ensuring all data is safe. We also offer 24/7 monitoring and support. Contact us any time of the day or week; our team will handle and resolve IT-related problems.

Data Backup – Data backup is crucial to government agencies and organizations. It’s not enough to have paperwork as backup. You need an efficient data backup and effective data recovery in case of an attack. At CMIT, you’ll never have to worry about a lost file ever again.

Governing bodies are targets for cyber criminals

Government offices, especially local offices, are often synonymous with long wait times. This is because of their old equipment and inefficient processes. They are mostly a target for cybercriminals because some government agencies don’t invest in a fast and fully secure system or don’t have an IT team to handle cyber threats. Hackers target them because of their weak defense systems and acquiring private government data usually offers a huge financial reward to the hacker. You can outsource an IT team to enhance your system and get 24/7 system monitoring.

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Timely responses keep you operational

A timely response is crucial when it comes to a cyber attack. You can’t wait days or hours to respond, or you might completely lose your data and the backup (depending on how secure the system is). At CMIT Solutions, rest assured you’ll get around-the-clock support. Whenever you need help with a cyber threat, our team will be there to assist. We also offer virtual support to all our clients.

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Do you manage a local government agency or organization? If your system is slow, inefficient and not fully secure, contact CMIT Solutions today. We offer comprehensive IT support for local government agencies and organizations. From cloud services to cybersecurity and data backup or recovery, we can help. Contact us today for a consultation.

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