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CMIT Solutions Webinar Series

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Title: Protecting Your Data in 2020 and Beyond
When: October 8th, 10:30 am CST

Webinar: See how you can protect your physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure from ransomware.

Webinar: 10 Keys to Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan
When: Oct 22, 2020 10:30 AM Central Time

Webinar: Join us to learn about how to protect your business from disasters like hardware failure, human error, software failure, or natural disaster.

IT personnel walking inside data server

Title: Advantages to Outsourcing/Co-ManagedIT

Webinar: Knowing When Your Business Needs Help – Join us to see how we can help you save time and money by working with a knowledgeable and experienced IT team.

Title: Combatting the Ransomware Epidemic

Webinar: We will be discussing how widespread the ransomware epidemic is and how to combat it.

Title: Protecting Your Data in 2020 and Beyond

Webinar: See how you can protect your physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure from ransomware.

Lesson in Social Engineering and IT Security

Webinar: Spend an hour with CMIT and our technology experts to learn the tried and true ways thieves manipulate your thinking to steal your information – or worse – your hard-earned money.

Next Phase: Data Security and Human Resource Management Concerns

Webinar: What are the longer-term considerations of having employees continue to work from home? How many copies of important company files were made when staff took work home? What skills will managers need to successfully manage a remote workforce? How can we best secure work from home? How will WFH impact your recruiting efforts?

Why Passwords May Be Putting Your Business At Risk

Webinar: Join us for a discussion about password behaviors that may allow hackers to gain access to your network. We hope to inform users about good password practices and how hackers use information on the “Dark Web” to infiltrate your network.

Implementing a Password Policy for Your Company

Webinar: Did you know that 63% of Data Breaches result from Weak or Stolen Passwords?

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself In This Cybercrime Landscape

Recorded Webinar: The webinar will inform and educate on the growing threat of Cybercrime and the most successful tactics that criminals are using to steal money, time, and data from small to medium businesses.

Working From Home Securely

Recorded Webinar: Navigate the new work from home environment. Our experts will help you stay secure when working remotely.

Dangers of the Dark Web during the COVID-19 Crisis

Recorded Webinar: Learn how to secure your remote workforce and protect your business from new vulnerabilities during the COVID-19 crisis.

When: April 9, 2020 3:00 PM CST

Collaboration Webinar

Collaboration and Productivity Webinar with Slack and Teams

Recorded Webinar: Learn how collaboration apps like Slack and Teams can help you be more productive while working remote.

File Sync and Share Webinar

Empowering Your Remote Workforce with File Sync and Share

Recorded Webinar: In this webinar, you will see how Egnyte Connect empowers a safe, secure, work-from-home culture.