5 Creative Ways to Focus on Cybersecurity (and Protect Your Business in the Process)


As the cybersecurity landscape continues to shift and change, new incidents occur with the speed of breaking news. Fresh data breach reports happen every day. Password hacks at one company lead to identity theft at another. New strains of ransomware continue to spread like wildfire. Most of us are doing all we can just to understand the threats, much less counter them.

That’s where layered cybersecurity becomes so important. Businesses op­erating in today’s digital world need multiple layers of pro­tection. That way, if a suspicious email message gets through a network firewall, it will be flagged by a mail server’s antivirus software. If an illicit email link is clicked or an infected attachment is opened, an individual computer should detect suspicious activity or unexpected problems.

It all sounds like a headache, right? Maybe—but the integrity of your business is at risk. That’s why CMIT Solutions has developed five creative ways to think about cybersecurity. Yes, you can make this pressing issue more interesting…and protect your business in the process.

Is your password comprised of a combination of your children’s names? Perhaps your first pet’s name? Or maybe your grandmother’s name? Everyone picks passwords that are easy to remember—but easy to remember equals easy to hack. Everyone knows how easy it is to reveal a presumably secure password. Hackers can even try out billions of combinations in seconds. That’s why passwords should be like Fight Club. Rule One: never talk about your passwords. Ever.

Firewalls stop cyberthreats, period. But many business owners try to cut corners and use lower-cost alternatives that simply don’t provide the same level of protection as enterprise-class protections. Would you scrimp on a life-saving medical procedure? No. Should you scrimp on a business-saving security measure? The answer is also no. Firewalls form the first line of a strong perimeter defense.

When you receive it, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Click on an unsafe link from a nefarious sender and you might find yourself walking down ransomware lane, searching for Bitcoin to get your data back. The real problem is that it’s incredibly easy to accidentally click on such an illicit link. That’s why strong email security is so important—it can prevent those pesky emails from ever reaching your inbox. An ounce of prevention can literally save your business.

You might be tempted to take it for granted, but when it’s missing, nothing is right. Teamed up with firewalls and email security, antivirus, and anti-malware software provides the most basic level of protection for desktops, laptops, servers, and other machines. Essential. Mandatory. In other words, never forget it.

If you encrypt private information sent in emails, perform regular encrypted backups of your data (both at rest and in transit), and treat data encryption as the security protocol of last resort, you’ll never have to go to data breach jail. Your data might get hacked, mind you. But with a trusty backup in place, you can recover your data—often just hours after an incident. Hackers loathe data encryption because it works. Make sure you encrypt every piece of data you can.

CMIT Solutions’ philosophy on IT service is proactive, not reac­tive: we monitor our clients’ systems 24/7 so that we can identify, prevent, and resolve issues before they affect productivity, effi­ciency, and security, not after they have already occurred. From firewalls to antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-malware software to data encryption, compliance, and other targeted tools, we believe a layered approach gives businesses the best chance to stay secure.

Of course, 100% security requires 110% effort, which is why we go above and beyond to provide a digital safety net for our clients. If you’re worried about gaps in your IT strategy, contact us today. CMIT Solutions worries about cybersecurity so you don’t have to.

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