5 Ways to Save Money by Increasing IT Productivity

Increase IT Productivity

Did you know that, on average, 50% of all businesses suffer from daily IT issues? Or that 80% of tech-related failures repeat themselves after the initial incident? Or that 75% of businesses say the frequency of IT failures is either increasing or staying the same. Or that only 30% of companies ever try to study the impact of those failures?

With proactive IT maintenance, preventative 24/7 support, remote backup and disaster recovery, and layered network security, all delivered by a team of IT professionals, these problems can be resolved. Having a trusted partner who actively monitors your computer, servers, mobile devices, and critical components like firewalls and routers for potential issues, resolving them before they balloon into serious problems, is the surest way to IT success.

The best part is, increasing productivity can also improve your bottom line. Here are five ways to do that, all of which can be accomplished with the help of a trusted IT partner.

Five Tips to Increase Productivity and Save Money:

1) By minimizing downtime. Your server crashes, and suddenly your employees are left without email or database access. It takes an hour for a break-fix IT provider to respond to your call, drive to your office, and fix the server.  Let’s say the average salary for your employees is $50,000. Those employees probably work about 2,000 hours a year, averaging $25 per hour. Multiply $25 by each worker in your office—if you have 50, that’s $2,500 you’re losing per hour when computers or servers go down. And that doesn’t even take into account lost revenue, unexpected repair costs, missed or delayed deadlines, and damage to your company’s reputation.

2) By avoiding new rules on overtime pay. In May, the Department of Labor updated overtime salary and compensation levels and extended eligibility to 4.2 million executive, administrative, and professional workers. This means businesses could end up paying their employees even more than before when IT interruptions or computer problems occur and work has to be completed after hours or on employees’ own time.

3) By empowering employees to work efficiently no matter where they are. These days, it seems like everyone is answering emails on the road, responding to customer service requests in the field, and filling sales orders from the airport. But all it takes is one broken device or lost laptop to bring work to a grinding halt. That’s why file sync and share, network connectivity, and mobile email capabilities are so important—and why there’s no one better than CMIT Solutions, which has more than 160 offices across North America, to provide such services.

4) By lowering printing costs. For many businesses, the office printer is a single point of failure: the one device for which you have no backup. That’s why managed print services are so effective: printer maintenance, supplies, and support, all delivered at a predictable cost, with no more surprises and no more arguments about who forgot to order the toner. 90% of businesses don’t know what they spend on printing, but of those who do, they estimate that between 1% and 3% of annual revenue is devoted to it. Managed print services can reduce this cost by 30%.

5) By serving as your outsourced IT department. Hiring, training, and retaining competent, reliable IT employees is expensive — think $50,000 – $75,000 a year at a minimum. Employing an outsourced team of professionals like CMIT Solutions is far more cost-effective because you have layers of support on your side: technicians, engineers, help desk staffers, and business owners, all of whom can help you solve short-term problems and set long-term strategies.

The best way to protect yourself from lost productivity and save money is to choose an IT provider who takes a proactive approach to protect your network and computers. Want to know more about how CMIT Solutions worries about IT so you don’t have to? Contact us today.

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