Achieving Great Results for Red Square Holdings

Turning Networking Opportunity into New Business Success Story

Red Square Holdings, based out of Sunny Isles, Fla., specializes in lending, concierge, real estate brokerage, and legal services, catering to a specific clientele in luxury and medical tourism.

Last year, Red Square approached CMIT Solutions of Hollywood with a unique proposition. They needed assistance building a single location out of the four different segments within their company. The concept in Sunny Isles serves as a consolidation of multiple departments, providing a one-stop shop for luxury property buyers. Red Square needed help in executing a quick launch of this new Sunny Isles location, so CMIT Solutions of Hollywood immediately began assessing the needs and drafting a proposal that would allow for success.

Setting Things in Motion

Building a trustworthy partnership takes time, but the rewards are always worth the effort. CMIT Solutions of Hollywood first met with Elena Grady, president of Red Square Lending, in 2011 through a Hallandale Beach Area Chamber of Commerce networking event. The relationship CMIT Solutions fostered with Grady eventually transitioned into a lucrative new business opportunity.

“We all spoke Russian and were able to bond over our language,” said Barbara Adams, the owner of CMIT Solutions of Hollywood. “From there, a plan developed out of a series of conversations that helped lead to the partnership with Red Square Holdings.”

A Business Proposal is No Small Feat

When asked for a project proposal by Red Square, CMIT Solution’s team of technicians began strategizing to set themselves apart from the competition.
Partners within the Red Square network had already set their sights on a different IT company, but CMIT was able to offer competitive pricing, experience in the local market, customer service, and flexibility.

Once winning the entire Red Square team over, the project underwent a series of proposals before being signed. In fact, it took four months and more than 30 different quotes until a final offer was set forth. These four months were well spent, though, as the original Red Square monthly service proposal evolved into an $80,000 project.

Initially, Red Square asked the team for IT support once their project went live. As CMIT Solutions presented their expertise, however, they were asked to fill in other gaps for Red Square’s development. Red Square was not aware that they could employ one company for all services. But CMIT offered one concise solution, which allowed for all research as well as legwork to be completed using competitive pricing.

Designing the Winning Concept

An ultra-chic design vision posed a significant challenge, as Red Square’s top priorities focused on security and interior design. The concept was a collaboration of the company’s four different owners. But even though each owner had a specific design concept in mind, CMIT Solutions worked to help scale the idea to an achievable deliverable that encompassed the client’s vision while being financially viable.

“Time was not on our side,” said Milton De Vecchi, chief technology officer of CMIT Solutions of Hollywood. “From the moment we signed on we had only 60 days to complete this project, so our efforts were efficient and strategic.”

Featuring high, open ceilings and glass walls, the space also posed logistical challenges in regards to technical installations. CMIT Solutions leveraged its connections to work with power partner Systems Designs, an expert in high-end home and office networking and technology.

Originally expected to provide space for 20 users, Red Square projected that they would employ 100 people by the end of the year. With this in mind, CMIT Solutions and Systems Designs calculated growth projections into their planning and installed a system equipped for expansion that still fit with interior design plans. Together, they applied Cisco Meraki, a leader in cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing, and security, allowing CMIT Solutions to monitor all web traffic in real time both locally and on the cloud.

“Our client was especially happy with this solution, as it addressed their main security concerns,” De Vecchi said. “We were able to implement state-of-the-art technology, which we foresee being incorporated into every business over the next ten years.”

In addition, CMIT Solutions successfully installed video conferencing with InFocus Mondopads featuring 55-inch interactive touch screens, added conference room tables with video capabilities, and identified a computer system that helped cut costs by 40%.

The Perfect Fit

With Red Square’s grand opening under its belt, CMIT Solutions of Hollywood is in agreement to manage Red Square’s future IT needs using CMIT Marathon, a proactive monitoring system. As Red Square’s support specialist, CMIT Solutions can maintain current IT operations and serve as a technical advisor for future needs.

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