CIOs and CTOs: What Do They Do?

In our modern business landscape, many organizations have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). While each post comes with different responsibilities, they are both positions that are rooted in technology, namely corporate software and IT management. The key difference between these two roles is in the areas of emphasis, whether externally or internally, for the staff or for partners and customers.

The Role of Chief Information Officers

A Chief Information Officer’s job is largely internal. Essentially, CIOs are business IT executives. As internal technology strategists, they manage the IT infrastructure within the organization, often collaborating with other business executives in the company to understand its inner workings and needs. A good CIO would know and understand both the business and technical sides of the company and how these disparate parts fit together to make a whole.

CIOs are the ones responsible for understanding the company’s business needs. They provide a vision for the company’s future in terms of how technology can contribute to its success. Due to this, they have to know about the technologies being used, and how these technologies can benefit the company or improve existing business processes. That is why, more often than not, CIOs come from an IT background.

The Role of Chief Technology Officers

CIOMeanwhile, Chief Technology Officers have more external, outward-looking roles. Also known as a Chief Technical Officer, CTOs examine both the short- and long-term needs of a company. They are the ones in charge of a company’s technological needs as well as its Research and Development department. Where the CIO uses existing technology to solve problems, the CTO oversees the development and creation of new technologies or products. These new technologies and products can be used within the company or sold in the market. CTOs also develop strategies to increase the company’s revenue.

The Similarities and Differences Between CIOs and CTOs

The roles of a CIO and a CTO overlap substantially. Both positions have a lot to offer; to be a CIO or a CTO, you have to have strong leadership skills, plenty of business knowledge, and a deep understanding of both technology and business. Both a CIO and a CTO have to be strategic thinkers.

The key difference between roles is that CIOs look at the bottom line while CTOs look at the top line. The CIO manages IT infrastructure; the CTO manages the company’s technology architecture.

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