CMIT Solutions’ 10 Most Popular QuickTips of 2016

2016 is nearly over, but before we turn our focus ahead to the promise of 2017 and put the last 12 months firmly behind us, let’s revisit the most popular QuickTips topics of the year. CMIT Solutions wishes everyone a happy, safe, and productive New Year season, hopefully, enjoyed with love and laughter in the company of family and friends. See you in January!

1) 6 Tips for Cleaning up Your Email Inbox. The email inbox—everybody uses it, everybody relies on it, and chances are most of us dread it. Especially after the New Year, when the holidays may have sapped our motivation…(Read more here)

2) Important Information About Windows 10’s New “Recommended” Update Status. In early February, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would shift to “Recommended” update status in a “phased approach” meant to encourage upgrades. This means that those computer users…(Read more here)

3) Gearing Up for Spring Break? Here’s How to Do Your Out of Office Right. The official beginning of spring is less than two weeks away, but depending on where you live, the weather might still be downright winter-like. Still, mid-March traditionally marks…(Read more here)

4) 3 Ways to Protect Yourself from the 2016 Tide of Ransomware. If 2013 went down in IT history as the year of the data breach, then 2016 will always be remembered as the year of ransomware. In February, a Southern California hospital…(Read more here)

5) Fake Social Media Friend Requests Represent the Latest Ploy by Scammers. Received any questionable friend requests on Facebook or LinkedIn recently? Use caution before you click “Accept”—we have seen a recent uptick in reports of requests…(Read more here)

6) The Next Data Breach? Tax Preparers Hit with Fake Phishing Emails. In the latest cybercrime twist, the IRS recently reported that hackers are now targeting tax preparers by employing email phishing scams and hacking attempts. Why? For the same reason behind every breach…(Read more here)

7) Looking for a Boost? Try These 5 Fun and Useful Plug-Ins for Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook continues its reign as the top business email client in the land. In 2015, estimates say that more than 1.1 billion users were running the broader Microsoft Office software suite…(Read more here)

8) Yahoo Hack Affects 500 Million Users in Largest Single-Company Data Compromise in History. Data breach announcements come and go with regularity these days. And password hacks happen so often we’ve become inured to the constant recommendations to “Change your password…(Read more here)

9) Yes, Technology Can Benefit Everyone on Thanksgiving. Only a couple of days are left until that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving, when friends and family gather to feast and give thanks for all that we are blessed with in life…(Read more here)

10) New Computer Virus Forces Victims to Do the Hacking. If you haven’t heard much about ransomware and malicious viruses lately, well, you may not be paying close enough attention…(Read more here)

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