CMIT Solutions Franchisees Share Holiday Season Shopping Security Tips

Holiday shopping provides many businesses with one of the biggest economic boosts of the year. But with so many consumers shopping on their smartphones — mobile devices accounted for more than 30% of online Black Friday sales and nearly 50% of Cyber Monday sales this year — caution is recommended.

Online Holiday Shopping Tips – CMIT Solutions of Columbus

Every year, scammers formulate new ways to take advantage of the shopping season. Leslie Wood of CMIT Solutions of Columbus recently shared some of her favorite tips on how local residents can protect themselves against the most common shopping scams this time of year on The Dee Armstrong Show. Leslie highlighted the need to check websites for “https,” not just “http,” in the URL — the “s” signifies an enhanced level of security that protects the transmission of private information on the Internet. “’S before press’,” Leslie says. “The ‘s’ will protect your information from hackers.”

Wood also recommends using credit cards for purchases, not debit cards. “A debit card is tied to your checking account,” she says. “So if a hacker were to get your information, they can go straight to your bank account and get your money. If you use a credit card, you have less personal liability.” In addition, avoid clicking on deals that look “too good to be true” and watch out for fake shopping apps that ask to store credit card information, which can be used to make illegitimate purchases or can be sold on the black market by hackers moving stolen records.

Cyber Safety Tips – CMIT Solutions of West Metro Charlotte

Another CMIT franchisee, Jay Jordan of CMIT Solutions of West Metro Charlotte, appeared on Good Day Charlotte to offer up cybersecurity tips in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping days of the year. In addition to the tips outlined above, Jordan recommends solid anti-virus software that includes malicious website warnings and built-in password storage features. “A lot of people use the same passwords for everything they do,” Jordan says. “If a hacker gets one password, then he’s got access to all of your accounts.”

Jordan also offered up tips about avoiding and deleting malicious digital E-cards from unknown senders and doing everything you can to keep personal information private. The holiday season is a popular time for scammers to manipulate and deceive consumers, and as hackers employ more advanced methods of obtaining personal information, their tactics continue to evolve.

To help prevent local residents from falling victim to the latest scams, CMIT Solutions goes above and beyond the call of duty to help small to medium-sized businesses keep confidential information safe and give their clients peace of mind. Staying informed on the latest tactics that scammers are using to take advantage of online shoppers can prevent a lot of unnecessary stress during the holiday season.

Want to protect your data and keep your shopping safe?  Contact CMIT Solutions today.

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