CMIT Solutions of Monroe Relieves Local Business of IT Pain

Rochester Surgical Associates was frustrated with incompetent IT services — so CMIT Solutions of Monroe stepped in to boost efficiency and increase productivity.

Any functioning, modern office knows that if computers are down, trouble isn’t far behind. Rochester Surgical Associates’ office manager Sandra Berge had a full plate. Between facilitating the day-to-day operations of a busy office as well as expertly handling problems as they arose, she had little time to spend ensuring that computer systems stayed up and running efficiently. Sandra just couldn’t be responsible for making sure everyone’s computers were working correctly — and she certainly didn’t know how to fix complex technical issues with sensitive medical information involved.

With an unfortunate history of unsatisfactory performance from its previous managed service provider, Rochester Surgical Associates was looking for the perfect fit. Plus, in a business that relies so heavily on information that needs to be recalled at the drop of a hat, the surgical company knew that quality was of the utmost importance.

About to Give Up

Sandra’s office wasn’t performing to the best of its ability because of unreliable IT support. Plus, HIPAA regulations that apply to all companies that come in contact with medical records were forcing Rochester Surgical Associates to rethink its IT, lest the company be subject to huge fines due to negligence on behalf of its IT provider. Sandra was ready to throw in the towel.

Easing Frustrations

As fate would have it, CMIT Solutions of Monroe sent a piece of direct mail to Sandra’s office. After coordinating a meeting with Cheryl Nelan, the owner of CMIT Solutions of Monroe, Sandra allowed CMIT to step in and take full responsibility of Rochester Surgical Associates’ technology infrastructure. Cheryl and her team were quick to put their skill set to work, placing the company back on track toward a successful future of increased productivity and improved client retention.

After a disappointing experience with a previous IT service provider, Sandra wasn’t sure what to expect. CMIT provided Rochester Surgical Associates with flat-rate, around-the-clock maintenance and monitoring solutions, though, fully managing all correspondence with the company’s software provider to further free up internal resources.

“As a medical practice, it is critical that we work with an IT service provider that we can trust,” Berge said. “CMIT Solutions of Monroe has earned our full confidence. Cheryl and her team ensure that we can breathe easy knowing that each and every one of our patients is receiving our undivided attention.”

Rochester Surgical Associates received CMIT Marathon Performance service, as well as special arrangements for the company to have Marathon Plus, which enabled Berge to use 24/7 Help Desk tech support. Continually working with the software provider not only for initial onboarding but follow-up tasks, CMIT communicated directly with the provider to make sure Rochester Surgical Associates wasn’t being charged for systems and hardware no longer in use.

The Perfect Fit

Berge and her associates were thrilled with the affordable, enterprise-level IT services that CMIT Solutions of Monroe brought to the table. Substantially increasing productivity, CMIT was able to alleviate the technology pain and frustration of a medical business like Rochester Surgical Associates.

Now a client for more than two years, Rochester Surgical Associates has a system it can rely on to work. Any problems that arise are quickly and efficiently corrected by CMIT Solutions. From simple fixes like printer issues to complex, sensitive data treated with the most careful hand, CMIT is always ready and waiting to help.

“We trust CMIT and can’t give them enough accolades,” Berge said. “After an office move, we requested that the hospital use their services — we don’t want anyone else touching our systems but them!”

With CMIT’s help, Sandra can now go back to managing her office without the added frustration of technology issues.

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