CMIT Solutions’ Most Popular QuickTips of 2015 (Part 1)


2015 is almost a wrap. But before we dive in to the promising opportunities of 2016 and put the last 12 months behind us, let’s revisit the most popular QuickTips topics of 2015. CMIT Solutions wishes everyone a happy, safe, and productive holiday season, hopefully, enjoyed with love and laughter in the company of family and friends. See you in the New Year!

1) 10 Ways to Become a Spreadsheet Pro by Making Microsoft Excel Work Smarter and Faster. For years, Microsoft Excel has represented the gold standard when it comes to spreadsheet software. Although firm market share figures specific to Excel use are hard to come by…(Read more)

2) Top 5 Features of Windows 10 (and 1 Big Reason to Wait Before Upgrading). On July 29th, Microsoft launched Windows 10 to the general public. The operating system’s debut generated a lot of buzz, with many tech experts hailing it as a return to Windows’ classic form…(Read more)

3) How Old Are Your Passwords? 5 Smart Strategies for Password Security. Results of a recent online survey commissioned by TeleSign and conducted by Lawless Research revealed that half of all passwords were more than five years old. The report also found that 77% of consumers hadn’t changed their passwords in a year or more…(Read more)

4) Top 10 Tech Trends for 2015. The New Year is upon us, which means we all get a fresh opportunity to consider what’s important for the next 12 months. In the small to medium-sized business world, technology routinely tops that list…(Read more)

5) Recent Health Insurance Hack Highlights Need for Data Encryption and Security. Earlier this month, an online data breach at Anthem Inc., the second-largest health insurance provider in North America, exposed the medical information, Social Security numbers, and email addresses of over 80 million consumers…(Read more)

6) 10 Tips for Revving Up Your Use of Microsoft Outlook. Although firm numbers are hard to come by, Microsoft estimated in 2014 that more than 500 million people currently use Outlook, its flagship email program. Microsoft Exchange Server accounts for a similar number of business mailboxes…(Read more)

7) 10 Strategies for Maximizing Your Use of Microsoft Word. The world’s most popular productivity suite, Microsoft Office, has been in the news lately, with the consumer preview of Office 2016 debuting last week. But before you get excited about that shiny new upgrade…(Read more)

8) 5 Ways Technology Is Changing Education for the Better. Remember the old days, when “educational technology” meant fancy pencil sharpeners and clunky overhead projectors? Times have drastically changed, as any visit to a school will reveal. Students use iPads at their desks…(Read more)

9) 3 Important Facts About Cell Phones, Telemarketers, and the Federal Do Not Call List. Every year, emails and Facebook posts circulate about how telemarketers are about to gain access to cell phone numbers and start inundating us with cold calls. Scientific and anecdotal evidence does tell us that sales calls to mobile phones have been increasing…(Read more)

10) 5 Strategies for Using Technology to Bring Family and Friends Together This Thanksgiving. More than any other American holiday, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends—with the extra bonus of all that delicious food. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie…(Read more)

Looking to wrap 2015 up and kick 2016 off with a fresh focus on your business’s technology? Contact CMIT Solutions today!

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