poterackCLIENT: Poterack Capital Advisory, Inc.


OBJECTIVE: To manage the technology systems for Poterack Capital Advisory with secure, cost-effective solutions.

SOLUTION: Poterack Capital Advisory, a fast-growing financial planning and wealth management company, was in the market for a technology advisor. The company needed help managing its preexisting technology infrastructure that would maintain security and efficiency without adding unnecessary complexity or expenses. Emory Simmons and his team at CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte responded to the challenge. First, CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte provided Poterack Capital Advisory with a responsive Help Desk and proactive network support through CMIT Solutions Marathon Ultra program. From there, the team at CMIT Solutions identified ways to simplify the company’s information technology systems to reduce costs, while increasing reliability and enabling greater flexibility while increasing their growth potential. Now, thanks to CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte, Poterack Capital Advisory has access to scalable, enterprise-level technology systems and support at a lower total cost of ownership.

RESULTS: CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte’s services assisted Poterack Capital Advisory in meeting its core company objectives, while streamlining the IT infrastructure and system support to provide greater cost-efficiency. Tom Schauder, CPA with Poterack Capital Advisory, can now focus on guiding clients through the financial decision-making process without being interrupted by technology issues.

“CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte has proven to be an invaluable resource for our company. As financial planners, we are continually looking for ways to help our clients save, invest and grow their money. Being our strategic technology advisor, Emory shares our concerns. CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte has helped our company design, implement and maintain our telecommunications and IT infrastructure, without cutting into our bottom-line. His cost-consciousness combined with his professionalism, responsiveness and genuine concern about the continued success of Poterack Capital Advisory, are one of the many reasons CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte are the best in the business.”
—Tom Schauder, CPA with Poterack Capital Advisory, Inc.

BOTTOM LINE: CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte’s scalable, enterprise-level IT services are provided at a total cost of ownership that meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. CMIT Solutions serves as the strategic technology advisor companies need to achieve their strategic business goals.

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