Disaster Averted after Fire at Parisi Insurance

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CARMICHAEL, CA – (MPG) A natural disaster can be a crippling blow to a business. A fire, earthquake or flood can leave a business without access to vital information and communication with customers. One of CMIT’s long standing cli- ents, Parisi Insurance, is a perfect example of how a disaster does not have to debilitate business.

In the early morning hours of September 24th experienced a disaster. Fire that had broken out two doors down spread and destroyed their office, computers, furniture, paintings, phones and paper files. Without their infrastructure Parisi’s business was facing potential standstill.

Luckily they had the CMIT Guardian protection to get them back up and running. CMIT rushed to aid in recovery. Systems Engineer Randy James helped lead the recovery just a few hours after the fire was reported to Parisi.

Vice President of Parisi Insurance Joe Hart explained that “CMIT had us store our data ‘in the cloud’ so we were able to get up and running very quickly using our remote server for a little over 2 weeks.”

With the support of the CMIT team and advances in cloud technology Parisi’s staff members were able to conduct business from the day of the fire and until their move to a new location.

Instead of a complete business debilitation, CMIT was able to get Parisi’s infrastructure hosted remotely allowing them return to business at 2pm the day of fire and have full access to their server by the next morning.

“They (CMIT) ordered and set up the new computers in the new office- as well as the phones- and were instrumental in getting us back to normal” Hart said.

“Everyone was wonderful particularly Mark (Trim) and Sal (Hekmatzada) who had to deal with the most whining” quipped Hart.

As for other businesses Hart had a few words of advice “back up your digital data off site, keep as little as you can on paper, and keep your paper data in metal drawers. Also, have your phones default to employee cell phone numbers if there is a break in service.”

Parisi Insurance has now moved into their new location in Gold River, California and we wish them the best of luck.

Link: http://carmichaeltimes.com/pdf_files/volume_32_pdfs/Times%2012-12-12.pdf


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