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CMIT Solutions Helps The Breast Cancer Coalition Prepare for Remote Work Amid COVID

CMIT Solutions of Monroe’s relationship with the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester began seven years ago when Cheryl Nelan and her team were brought on to fix malfunctioning computers at the not-for-profit. Since then, the CMIT Monroe team has helped execute a proactive IT approach by providing full management of their systems, virtual CIO services and by extending help desk support to meet the needs of every employee at the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.

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Security Essentials: Password Safety

There’s a common thread at the heart of every cybersecurity discussion: passwords. Most of us assume that strong passwords can save the day, preventing any number of issues and intrusions. Weak passwords, on the other hand, can bring about the downfall of any business, leading to hacks, breaches, and other security compromises.

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Ready to Face the Challenges of Remote Work?

Businesses across North America faced countless challenges in 2020. Many of those challenges will continue in 2021. But as cybersecurity threats continue to proliferate, the biggest challenge might just be managing and securing remote employees.

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