Economic Downturn Drives Opportunities for IT Overhauls

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Consulting Agency’s Internal IT Department Crumbles in Wake of Great Recession; CMIT Solutions of San Marcos and New Braunfels Step In to Help Company Rebuild

Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. (SBTI), a leading global management-consulting firm specializing in business process design and implementation, was one of the many companies forced to downsize in the wake of the economic downslide. The brand scaled back its IT department leaving one lone technician to manage and monitor all facets of SBTI’s technology infrastructure.

Overwhelmed, Adrian Aldape, the director of technology, called upon Allen White, the president of CMIT Solutions of San Marcos and News Braunfels in Texas, to step in and take the reigns of the company’s IT management. Allen immediately began assessing the situation and implementing strategic technology solutions that would put the company back on track towards success.

The Great Recession

“Some businesses fail during difficult economic times, while others take advantage of new opportunities, go with the market flow, and flourish,” Adrian said. “SBTI took the steps necessary to ensure we fall in the latter category.”

These steps included a massive internal restructuring. In an effort to consolidate internal overhead and relinquish greater responsibilities to the brand’s 50-100 external consultants, the brand reduced the staff at their home office by more than 50%. Departments such as information technology lost key team members, including Adrian’s righthand man and fellow technician.

A one-man IT department, Adrian held a massive amount of responsibility on his shoulders. It was on him to ensure all computers were up and running, servers were operating properly, hardware was up to date, and networks were secure.

“This was a dark period for all of us,” Adrian said. “I didn’t have the time and resources I needed to manage our technology infrastructure. I constantly worried a server would crash or a piece of hardware would fail. I needed help and I needed it immediately.”

Adrian began the search for a managed service provider (MSP) in July of 2012. He met with numerous companies, many of whom left him unimpressed. Adrian wasn’t looking for a company that
would rush in when the network was down or try to sell him services he didn’t need. Rather, he was looking for a strategic advisor that would help him choose and implement technology solutions to take the brand to the next level.

Adrian discovered the partnership he was looking for in September.

The Recovery Process

Having just opened his CMIT Solutions office several months prior, Allen hired a lead generation company in the fall of 2012 to help him expand his client base. A cold call to SBTI wound up landing Allen a meeting with Adrian to discuss a potential new business opportunity.

“It seemed to be too good to be true,” Allen said. “SBTI is headquartered across the street from our office. On top of that, I knew after the first meeting that we could really make a difference for this company. We have all the tools they need to take their brand to the next level.”

Allen spoke with Adrian for about an hour, gathering information about the company and the brand’s growth objectives. According to Adrian, Allen was the only vendor that didn’t walk in the door and immediately try to sell him something. Rather, Allen conducted a thorough assessment to determine what kind of technology solutions would be the best fit for SBTI both tactically and strategically.

In terms of tactics, Adrian was looking for a company with bootson-the-ground expertise. He wanted to work with an MSP that had great technology partners and access to hundreds of specialists in a variety of areas.

“It was important for us to work with a managed service provider that could call in the right people when needed,” Adrian said. “I didn’t want just anyone installing anti-spam software on our PCs. I wanted a computer security expert at the helm to ensure everything was done properly.”

In regards to strategy, SBTI was looking for an IT service provider that could take over full control of their technical needs in the event that they decided to become a remote office.

“Moving from a physical office to a virtual office has always been part of our long-term strategy,” Adrian said. “CMIT Solutions’ completely managed services provide us with the technical support we need to make this objective a reality.”

The Road to Expansion

According to Adrian and the team at SBTI, CMIT Solutions has provided enormous value to his business. By using technology to heighten communication among their consultants, the internal office has been able to focus more time and energy on strategic growth. “It’s been exciting to watch SBTI’s progression,” Allen said. “They’ve been totally reinvigorated and I fully expect to watch them grow in the years to come.”

Adrian shares Allen’s sentiments: “We’ve finally transitioned from putting out fires to preventing fires. There is no doubt we’re on the right track. I can’t wait for this next phase of our development. We’re in the perfect position to grow.”

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