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Office Efficiency

Are there any employers or employees out there who don’t want to work more efficiently or run their office a little smarter? Or maybe they aren’t longing for expertly organized inboxes, calendars, file systems, and print queues? Of course not. Achieving improved office efficiency means a lot more than just working harder and faster; it means mixing a creative management style with the application of relevant technology to achieve greater synergy in the workplace.

Of course, in our rapidly expanding digital world, opportunities to enhance office productivity abound. Figuring out which ones are right for your business can be the biggest challenge, however, especially when confronting the plethora of free apps available. Focusing on improving three aspects of office life — email efficiency, print services, and visual/virtual collaboration — can yield immensely positive results.

Email — The Most Important Piece of the Puzzle

Why is email first on CMIT Solutions’ list of office efficiency areas upon which to improve? Because email is the lifeblood of any business. Evolving from an early intra-office messaging tool to the backbone of companies small and large, email today is the core communication tool. And as reliance on it increases, so does the need to ensure its smooth operation and organized archiving. Enter CMIT Email Encryption, CMIT Anti Spam, and CMIT RADAR.

Some highlights:

CMIT Email Encryption: Email Encryption provides centralized, compliance-satisfying encryption; automated content scanning; policy-based encryption, rerouting, and blocking; and secure message portals.

CMIT RADAR and RADAR LITE: CMIT Solutions offers Rapid Archiving, Discovery, and Recovery, a searchable email archive that can be accessed at any time from anywhere on the Internet. CMIT RADAR and RADAR Lite can ensure email continuity during local server and more widespread outages; rapid retrieval of emails that have been deleted locally; a searchable knowledge base of a company’s intellectual property; and a rapid means of responding to legal and financial requests.

CMIT Anti-Spam: Anti-Spam Managed Email Protection can ensure that your email inbox stays free and clear of pesky junk mail, phishing attempts, malware, and other online attacks.

Managed Print Services — Save Time and Money while Avoiding Headaches

The managed print umbrella encompasses many services. But the overall goal is clear: to remove the pain from printing, to allow business owners to re-exert control over this necessary function, and to save money and increase office efficiency.

Printing costs account for a large chunk of expenditures — often as much as 15% of annual spending. And with so many other day-to-day duties to attend to, many businesses don’t know how to effectively track the cost of printing in the workplace environment. But through managed print services (MPS), businesses can shift the burden of printer ownership and maintenance to a trusted outside partner, effectively streamlining operations and cutting costs by as much as 30%.

Well-managed print services can do much more than just allow your business to monitor the volume and nature of printing. By embracing a managed print service, your business can:

• Assess and manage total print output

• Reduce printing costs associated with toner, paper, and other consumables both up front and in the long term

• Identify and fix problems that can negatively affect office efficiency

• Monitor fluid levels and the operational efficiency of all printers

• Send alerts back to the CMIT Print “mothership” for automatic reordering and maintenance visits

• Streamline the number of required printing devices

• Reduce the environmental footprint and energy consumption of the organization

• Provide business owners with predictable printing costs

• Update aging fleets through new purchases or leasing options

• Rely on consistent support and a comprehensive approach

Take Virtual Collaboration One Step Further With Visual Integration

These days, every technology company and software provider is getting into the virtual collaboration game. But successful businesses can take this popular concept one step further by incorporating visual technology into their offerings. Virtual collaboration can connect cube-dwelling employees, remote workers, and far-flung clients. Visual conversations simulate the intimate in-person meeting experience, helping business owners and their employees accomplish the greatest number of tasks in the shortest amount of time.

One offering that stands out above the crowded field is CMIT Impression, featuring the InFocus Mondopad. Available in 55” and 70” sizes, Impression is a giant touch-screen PC that allows collaborators to see all edits in real time on a single screen.

Highlights of the Mondopad include:

• The ability to present, annotate, and collaborate with meeting participants in the room and around the world

• A digital interactive whiteboard with a complete set of writing and drawing tools

• The power and flexibility of an all-in-one Intel-powered Windows PC in an elegant and cost-effective package

• Tablet-style and smartphone-integrated controls

• Video conferencing abilities via standard collaboration tools like GoToMeeting, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync), and others

• Affordable leasing options

The Bottom Line

Strategies to improve office efficiency are everywhere, and they certainly don’t end with email efficiency, managed print services, and virtual/visual collaboration. Concentrating on these three areas, which are both common and increasingly crucial for small businesses, can deliver significant enhancements to workplace efficiency.

Whether you need assistance organizing your inbox, simplifying your print operations, or enhancing your integrative ability to collaborate, contact CMIT Solutions. We can help you discover the approaches that are right for your business.

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