Making the case for managed services.

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Unlocking business success with managed IT services.

Technology never stops evolving. From cloud computing to data encryption to the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), companies across all industries increasingly rely on technology for business success—and basic day-to-day operations.

All these advancements also lead to complex IT issues. Infrastructure requirements increase as a client base grows. Remote employees using their own devices can pose serious security risks. And without dedicated IT departments, many growing businesses struggle to solve the inevitable problems that arise with sophisticated computers, interconnected networks, and digital threats.

This is where trusted IT support becomes incredibly important. A business partner with expertise in the field can offer invaluable support to organizations of all sizes. But what exactly are the benefits of managed services, and why should your organization care?

With reliable managed services, businesses gain a competitive advantage that can help them fix short-term issues while proactively planning for long-term challenges. CMIT Solutions has more than 25 years of experience helping businesses across North America. Here, we dig into the details of managed services:

  • Increased efficiency and decreased downtime. When computers and IT systems function well, everyone benefits: employees enjoy increased productivity, devices don’t need disruptive repairs, and businesses save money—past research indicates that the average cost of network downtime can be more than $5,000 per minute. Time is money, and managed services help keep your systems running like a well-oiled machine while preventing productivity-killing outages, troubleshooting network issues, and staying ahead of cyberthreats. CMIT Solutions specializes in a proactive approach that minimizes or eliminates downtime, increases efficiency, and ensures business continuity.
  • Expertise on demand. Managed service providers like CMIT Solutions employ skilled technicians with expertise in various technologies and industries. Partnering with a provider like that offers businesses access to a broad pool of talent without the need to hire and train in-house staff. This ensures that maintenance and monitoring of IT infrastructure rests in capable hands, allowing businesses to focus on core objectives like increasing revenue and enlisting more clients. Plus, with remote monitoring and around-the-clock help desk support, assistance is just a click, call, or text away.
  • Cost-effective solutions. One of the most significant benefits of trusted IT support is its long-term affordability. By working with a reliable partner, your IT expenses can be forecasted on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, offering a predictable subscription-based model that helps you budget more effectively. You can also avoid the significant hiring and training costs that are required to build out an in-house IT team—and you can say goodbye to scrambling to find funds for unexpected IT emergencies.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity protection. In 2024, cybersecurity threats continue to escalate. From ransomware attacks on major hospitals to data breaches threatening billions of personal records, the stakes are incredibly high. Managed service providers specialize in keeping your systems safe and sound, strengthening your digital footprint with diverse layers of fortifications. Trusted IT support from a provider like CMIT Solutions also offers robust employee training, compliance with industry regulations and standards, extra data encryption for sensitive sectors, and other enterprise-grade protections that go above and beyond free consumer offerings.
  • Automated installation of software updates and security patches. Many business-critical applications receive monthly or even weekly updates that plug vulnerabilities or better protect users and information. Managed IT service providers specialize in the behind-the-scenes delivery and installation of such updates and patches so that all systems are as secure as possible. This prevents bad actors from attempting software or hardware hacks on outdated apps or legacy machines, offering long-term protection against specific threats.
  • Scalability for future growth. As businesses grow and their IT needs evolve, IT support offers the benefit of flexibility. Managed service providers like CMIT Solutions can easily scale their offerings up or down to align with the changing needs of your business, delivering the right level of support and resources without worrying about overpayment for unused services. Whether you’re onboarding or offboarding new employees, expanding to new locations, or adopting the latest hardware and software, a trusted IT partner can meet your demands.

A Trusted Model for Managed IT Services

At CMIT Solutions, we have a 25-year track record of maintaining business operations, protecting data, and serving as the strongest line of cybersecurity defense for our clients. And since our network includes hundreds of local franchisees located across North America, we can build more long-term trust than most IT companies.

Why? It’s simple: local business owners like to work with other businesses based in their community. When you can have a face-to-face conversation with the technician working on your computers, a more meaningful relationship develops that goes beyond just dollars and cents.

Solving Problems Affordably and Efficiently

CMIT Solutions also prides itself on solving the IT problems that our clients actually face—not pushing unnecessary products on them strictly for sales or marketing reasons. We work closely with every client to identify their pain points and resolve them through affordable plans of action. We don’t just route problems to a distant help desk or show up only when things go wrong.

If you’re looking for IT support suffused with business-to-business trust and long-term commitment, CMIT Solutions is ready to help. We believe managed IT services can transform your business and propel you to greater success.

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