On the Importance of Planning Ahead…

We’ve all heard the old cliche that proper prior planning prevents (ahem) pathetically poor performance. Just as you shouldn’t put an unconscious bobcat in your car without a plan to get it out if it wakes up, failure to plan ahead in the realm of IT may spell disaster.


Your computers generally won’t warn you when you’re about to experience catastrophic data loss. If you’re snowed in, you’ll have a hard time remotely logging in to your company’s network unless you’ve got that set up ahead of time. And don’t even think about moving your computing environment to the cloud without a thoroughly tested and detailed plan. CMIT Solutions is your trusted advisor for both IT and small-businesses best practices. We’ll help you plan for events that might not even be on your radar (though you’ll probably want to call someone else if you find yourself with a large, cranky carnivore in your back seat).

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via Burlington Free Press

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