Protect Your Information from the Dark Web

Last week, cybersecurity experts revealed that the details of three million credit cards were exposed in a data breach that targeted Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, the largest barbecue chain in the United States.

The information was collected through a hack into the restaurant chain’s point-of-sale system, which processes credit card transactions. After digital watchdogs found the data for sale on a hacker forum housed on the dark web, they determined that anyone who ate at 156 Dickey’s restaurants in 30 states between July 2019 and August 2020 could have their credit card information compromised. If you think you used your credit card at a Dickey’s during that time period, the first step is to look at your account for any fraudulent charges. Often, your bank or card issuer will assist with this, preventing fake transactions before they go through. But extra diligence on your part can help to identify any unusual activity.

The second step is to contact your bank or card issuer, even if no fraudulent charges have appeared on your account. Typically, in situations like these, banks will issue a new card and close the old one to prevent the chance of further compromise.

The fact that the stolen credit card information ended up on the dark web is particularly worrisome, though. Defined as that portion of the Internet that intentionally avoids being crawled and accessed by search engines, the dark web gives bad actors access via special software and encrypted browsers that allow them to conceal their identities and remain anonymous.

This anonymity and its accompanying lack of traditional online oversight mean it’s incredibly difficult for law enforcement agencies and traditional cybersecurity tactics to track illegal activities back to the original culprit. In addition to stolen credit card info, other popular dark web offerings include stolen passwords, swiped Social Security numbers, and pilfered health care records. Most businesses don’t have access to the capabilities necessary to monitor the dark web and search for stolen credentials. Luckily, CMIT Solutions deploys intelligent research, detection, and response tools that pair human review with automated scanning to proactively identify and analyze traffic on the dark web to spot any stolen credentials and protect your business.

This starts with reliable cybersecurity assessments, which can help your business identify any potential vulnerability and fix it before it leads to bigger problems. Next, robust password management strategies and streamlined multi-factor authentication (MFA) protocols offer enhanced protection for login credentials.

Next, anti-spam email security and situational education for employees can help your company deal with the evolving online threats that continue to become more sophisticated. Strong firewalls can detect and prevent intrusions, while security incidents and event management can respond to any bad actors that do manage to penetrate cybersecurity defenses.

Meanwhile, to meet the needs of an increasingly remote workforce, smartphone security and end-to-end data encryption are key to keeping information safe while it’s in transit, at rest, being backed up, or being accessed anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. Take a stand against dark web threats by reducing your company’s risk, safeguarding passwords, securing financial credentials, and preventing data breaches before they happen.

CMIT Solutions works 24/7/365 to keep your company and your employees safe from the dangers of the dark web. We understand the threat that data compromise poses to your business, especially in these unprecedented times—and we work hard to detect, prevent, and respond to those threats for thousands of clients across North America.

If passwords are hacked, our technician network springs into action, tracking any usage of compromised information and mitigating access to other accounts connected to them. From dark web chat rooms to illicit transfer networks and online botnets, we keep an eye on cybersecurity trends, fresh phishing scams, and malware twists—all to protect your business and keep your information secure.

Want to fortify your cybersecurity defenses and keep your company’s credentials off the dark web? Contact CMIT Solutions today.

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