Providing a Safety Net for a Growing Start-up

Planning Solutions, LLC underwent a period of trial and error before finding an IT service provider that could meet all of their technology needs.

If there’s a way to find comfort before jumping off of a cliff, hang gliders have figured it out. Safety measures are taken, emergency plans are in place, a circle of trust is assembled, and a flight path is mapped out. Likewise, before a budding entrepreneur makes the decision to walk away from corporate America, he or she must have a solid foundation and an adequate support system to protect them from taking a nosedive.

Certified financial planner Daniel Limmer is one of these cautious entrepreneurs. After taking a leap of faith and opening Planning Solutions, LLC, Daniel recruited a local IT service provider to manage his technology infrastructure. However, the safety harness Daniel employed was not a good fit, putting his business in jeopardy. Fortunately, Daniel met Larry Schweitzer, President of CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau, who provided the cushion Daniel needed for landing.

The Leap and Plunge

Having spent his early professional years serving in key roles with large companies such as Metropolitan Life Insurance, Datapoint, and Citibank, Daniel was well adjusted to corporate life. He took care of his responsibilities and expected others to do the same. When a technology issue would arise, Daniel simply made a phone call to his IT department and someone would resolve the problem immediately.

“I didn’t spend time thinking about software updates, server backups, and data security,” Daniel explained. “These weren’t my problems. I had other responsibilities that I needed to attend to. I did my job and I allowed other people to do theirs.”

However, all of this changed once Daniel launched his own business. Forced to become a jack-of-all-trades, the transition from corporate professional to business owner proved to be tumultuous.

“It was one thing after another,”Daniel said.“I was trying to fulfill every role. It became too much. I needed someone to step in and help — take the reigns and handle my business’ IT needs.”

Trial and Error

Unable to afford a full-time IT staff, Daniel recruited the help of a local IT service provider to relieve the burden of managing and monitoring his business’ technology needs. After several months of working with his new provider, Daniel realized that the partnership was not working out. The company was unreliable and required constant supervision; every day, Daniel’s office manager would remind them to perform regular maintenance updates. Furthermore, the vendor’s sales team constantly pushed Daniel to invest in technology solutions that were costly and unnecessary.

“When I hired someone to take care of my IT needs, I thought I’d finally be able to relax and focus on growing my business,” Daniel explained. “I soon discovered that wasn’t the case. I spent as much time directing and managing the technicians as I did handling the issues myself.” In need of a change, Daniel began to explore his options. He knew there had to be someone in the community who could help. And that’s when the light bulb went on.

The Perfect Fit

After attending numerous networking events throughout Nassau County, Daniel became acquainted with Larry Schweitzer and set up a preliminary meeting. “I wanted to gain a better sense of what CMIT Solutions could offer my business,” Daniel said. “After that first meeting, I was sold. CMIT Solutions was everything I was looking for in a provider.”

Soon after Daniel hired CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau, his office underwent a big move. Prior to switching offices, Schweitzer and his team conducted a series of tests to ensure Planning Solutions, LLC would be up and running as soon as they settled into their new space. CMIT Solutions did everything to ensure the move was as seamless as possible.

“CMIT Solutions truly exceeded my expectations during the move,” Daniel said. “We were up and running just hours after settling into our new office space. On top of that, CMIT Solutions equipped us with updated technology solutions to ensure we got off on the right foot.”

Today, Daniel and his team at Planning Solutions, LLC are comfortable taking on new challenges, as they’ve finally found a support system capable of catching them if they fall.

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