How to Streamline Print Operations, Reduce Costs, and Go Green


In the business world, printing represents that rare middle ground: everybody needs to do it, but nobody really enjoys it. Think about it: how many times has a paper jam or empty ink cartridge tripped up your day? While traveling for work, how many hours have you burned searching for an easy-to-use printer? How many wasted pages have you or your co-workers crumpled up and thrown in the garbage?

And yet, while more and more of our daily tasks have moved seamlessly from the tactile world to the digital one, printing remains a core function of nearly every business. In other words, you can’t afford to have your office printer go out of service. Or have your employees worried about when to order supplies. Or pay twice as much as you should for emergency toner on a Friday afternoon when you absolutely have to get that contract printed and signed.

That’s where managed print services come in: printer maintenance, supply replenishment, and 24/7 support—it is possible to let someone else handle those things while you worry about growing your business. Best of all, proactively managed printing solutions save you money, keep your office running at peak efficiency, and help the environment. Here’s how:

Intelligent Printer Monitoring

that proactively protects printing devices instead of waiting for users to report issues. Did you know that 40-60% of IT help desk calls are print-related? When problems are solved via scheduled maintenance and automatic updates before they knock a printer offline, productivity goes up and employees can work more efficiently.

Reduced Print Waste

Because the typical office worker prints 10,000 pages per year, and industry estimates of “oops printing” fall between 10% and 20%. That equates to roughly $100 a year, per employee, being immediately thrown in the trash. If you have 25 employees, that’s $2,500 per year you could save, simply by implementing more specific protocols for printing.

Environmental Steps

Environmental steps that any business can adopt: comprehensive cartridge recycling, efficient per-page printing management to reduce paper and plastic waste, existing device trade-in programs, and comprehensive consideration of how printing fits into your company’s long-term technology strategy.

Predictable Costs

Predictable costs that streamline printing expenditures. The average small business devotes approximately 2% of its total annual revenue to printing. And companies that adopt managed services report an average of 30% in savings. With supplies delivered right to your doorstep, precisely when you need them, you’ll avoid volatile ink and toner costs. And with built-in 24/7 support and service, you’ll never have to worry about the shock of a huge repair bill again.

Looking to cut printing costs? Sick of running out of toner? Frustrated by the amount of perfectly good printer paper that gets thrown away every day? We get it. CMIT Solutions specializes in comprehensive print services that can keep your printers running, lower printing costs, and help your company go green. Contact us today to find out more about how CMIT Solutions can transform printing from one of the most frustrating things in the office to one of the easiest.

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