Take Charge of Your Productivity with These Time Management Tools

“Lost time is never found again.”Benjamin Franklin

Often find yourself wondering where all the time goes? Much in the same way that keeping track of expenses reveals where your money goes, keeping tabs on your time can help you make more efficient use of it by identifying waste and opportunities for increased productivity.

But first, you need a way to track it. Take a look at this list of time management tools:

Remember the MilkProbably the most ubiquitous time tracking tool out there, Remember the Milk is available as a Web app and on most popular smartphones. Remember the Milk seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Google Calendars, and Gmail. It even works with Siri.

Daily AgendaIn a perfect world, all our daily activities would be managed on a single calendar, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Your business appointments in Outlook, your family activities in Google or iCal, social events in Facebook, and the myriad group and community calendars that we inevitably subscribe to in order to stay on top of things—Daily Agenda will keep track of them all in a single app. Supports Notification Center in devices running iOS 5 and up.

TimyIf you use Basecamp for project management, Timy is an excellent tool for tracking time, as it integrates nicely with Basecamp’s billing system. Available for many smartphone platforms, Timy is a breeze for task management on the go.

Microsoft OutlookYes, even Microsoft Outlook can be used as a time-tracking tool. You’ll just need to enable the “Journal” feature. In Outlook 2010, go to FileàOptionsàNotes and Journal, then click the button that says “Journal Options.” Check which activities and applications you’d like Outlook to keep track of, and Outlook will record them in a convenient journal.

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